What is Pinterest? This is History to how to use it

Pinteres is a social media platform that focuses on image and photo media that are currently in existence. Even though its popularity is still inferior to social media platforms like Instagram, you should try this social media.

Pinterest offers many advantages for each of its users, one of which is as a source of inspiration and a medium for sharing. Besides that, Pinterest is also good for use as a medium for promoting articles, blogs and other content.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that you would love to pass up. This platform is a kind of virtual pinboard that allows users to upload certain images and photos into various available categories.

This social media platform was founded in 2009 and its founders include Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. Until now, pinterest has been enjoyed by so many users. The features of this platform are relatively complete and very good for us to make as a fun sharing medium.

Pinterest history

Pinterest is a social media platform founded by three friends named Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. In 2009 the development of this social media platform was initiated for the first time. Yana which a year later did the development enter the closed beta stage.

In 2011 Pinterest experienced such rapid development. It has even been published in Time Magazine, issue of August 10, 2011, which lists Pinterest as one of the 50 best websites in that year.

In the same year, for the first time, Pinterest entered the ranks of the 10 largest social media services in the world according to Hitwise. It’s no kidding for Pinterest, which is actually a newcomer, which has won 11 million user visits per week.

No wonder Pinterest managed to get the award as the best new startup in 2011. Then a year later, or to be precise in 2012, comScore managed to provide data that this site was able to penetrate 10 million user visits.

In 2019 Pinteres surprisingly submitted an IPO of shares, which totaled USSD 12 billion. They then distributed the shares to the public on April 18, 2019 with prices starting from 19 USSD per unit to the highest of 24.40 USSD.

The application, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, continues to develop its products today. This has earned Pinterest the title of the best visual platform today.

Features Available on Pinterest

Pinterest is getting more and more popular by now and a lot of users, because Pinteres has a number of cutting-edge features that many people like. Some of the Pinterest features that you can rely on include the following.


Pinterest’s visual search feature allows you to find specific products and images based on camera photos. This feature is very helpful for users, especially those who want to purchase a product with only visuals. Very interesting, right?

Pinterest Browser Button

These browser extensions can easily be used to store preferred pins. The good thing is, this feature also really supports the use of visual search to make it easier to find related content on this platform.

Group Boards

If you are working on a certain project with friends and family, then try to take advantage of this feature. Group boards make it easy for you and your team to interact for the smooth running of the project.

Ease of Organization and Board Reset

This state-of-the-art social media platform also gives users the freedom to make board arrangements at will. In fact, there are at least three types of boards that you can choose yourself, namely A to Z, last saved to and drag and drop.

Advanced Search and Filter Features

Pinterest’s search and filter features always make it easier for users to find the content they want. Users can also directly sort search results by pin, border and even username.

How to use Pinterest

After knowing the features that Pinterest has to pamper its users, then you should try this platform. Don’t waste your photography talent for granted. Channel this hobby through the Pinterest platform to make it more visible and known to many people. Start by registering for the platform to understand how to use Pinterest well.

How to Sign Up for Pinterest

  • First, visit the Pinterest site through the address pinterest.com.
  • Immediately click the Register option and you will be presented with the Pinterest account registration view.
  • You can register using three different options such as Facebook, Google or other E-Mail. We recommend that you sign up for Pinterest with a Google account to make it easier.
  • Then you have to fill in the current age in the age column. Later, age will greatly affect the index of this platform. If so, don’t forget to click Continue.
  • Later you will be presented with the display continue and just click Next.
  • Then a notification will appear in the form of a question that must be filled in.
  • Continue by selecting five types of categories of interest. If so, then click the Finish button.
  • And congratulations your Pinterest account is ready.

How to Make a Pinterest Board

After successfully creating your Pinterest account, you should be able to continue creating boards. In order to add a board, we recommend that you enter the profile section by tapping your profile photo or account name.

  • Then just click on the + icon and proceed with selecting the Create Board option.
  • Next, give a name, description, and category. Then click Create.

How to Save Pins to Board

Pinterest allows you to save Pins to boards. You only need to take advantage of the available search field.

  • Then fill in the name of a particular place, person, film or brand. Also fill the board with relevant pictures.

How to Increase Pinterest Followers

As with Instagram, adding followers on Pinterest is also not difficult. All you need to do is consistently collect pins and create varied boards. This will later attract visitors and automatically increase the number of your followers.

On this Pinterest platform, followers are divided into two types, namely followers profiles and boards. In which profile followers are absolute followers who follow all of your artificial boards without exception. Meanwhile, board followers will only follow one particular board.

How to use this platform is indeed very easy. Pinterest is proven to have a very friendly UI / UX especially for new users. This is what makes many new users come to just share their visual or creative moments visually.

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