Understanding Affiliation and Its Benefits You Should Know

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, affiliation is a form of cooperation between two institutions, usually one is bigger than the other, but each is independent. Affiliation can also be referred to as a relationship or association as a member or branch.

Furthermore, there are three parties involved in an affiliate program. The first is the producer or product owner, the second is the affiliate or the person who joins the affiliate program. And the last is consumers, namely people who use products from manufacturers.

The cycle of how this program works is three-party: Manufacturer , Affiliate and Customer . The producer establishes an affiliate program, then the Affiliator registers himself in the program and gets a referral code. This code aims to differentiate between one Affiliate and another. After that the Affiliator carries out a product marketing strategy by including his referral code. When the Affiliator finds a consumer who wants to use the product he markets, the Affiliator includes his referral code so that the commission he gets from the sale can go to his account so that he doesn’t get the wrong address to another Affiliator.

Now that you understand the explanation above about the Affiliate system, then we will tell you what are the benefits of this program.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

1. Flexible working time

The first advantage is the flexible working hours. Affiliate jobs do not require you to work only during office hours. However, you can carry out various product promotion activities at any time through various existing devices and information media.

If you use media such as websites, and social media, you can run a business anytime without time limit. Because, every social media and website user always accesses various platforms at any time.

2. Small capital

Furthermore, this job also does not require a lot of capital. What you must have and be good at is the ability to communicate well with consumers. Then, have integrity and a reputation for good behavior. As well as maintaining an attitude and being able to interact with various latest technologies.

If you need a job with minimal capital, you can try this program. However, there are two types of companies that offer these programs. First, companies that require applicants to buy these products before carrying out promotional activities.

And second, companies that do not require applicants to buy the product. As input, try to choose a product according to your current needs. So, you can run an affiliate program, and get products according to your needs.

3. Low risk

What everyone tries to ensure when in business is that they want the least amount of risk possible. Just like that in this case, here you don’t need to make a marketing budget, but will get clients directly. The startup costs of this business model are very low, as are the overall costs.

Therefore many choose Affiliate Marketing to help their business grow bigger and better with the passage of time. Maybe this is a good opportunity to start if you have a small business.

4. Get Passive income

This job also provides an advantage on the income side. If in general, an employee works in an office or a company, then they will get active income. This income is obtained from the results of his performance and activities while in the office.

However, by becoming an affiliate, you have the opportunity to generate income passively. That is, you do not need to keep an eye on the course of product promotion in the office or at home all the time. When you sleep, you can also get income from selling products or services.

Those are some of the benefits of the Affiliate program, then below are two examples of companies that have affiliate programs in Indonesia.

Examples of affiliated companies in Indonesia

1. Niagahoster

A company engaged in technology to be precise, namely hosting and domain service providers, this Niagahoster affiliate program has made commission disbursements per day 6651 times by more than 2459 members of the Niagahoster Affiliate Program. Total commission disbursed reached Rp. 13,960,455,870. For commission sharing, Niagahoster offers a commission of 70% of the sales proceeds. So if you want to try it, you can visit Niagahoster’s affiliate program .

2. Lazada

Lazada itself is the largest Market Place platform in Southeast Asia. Through its affiliate program Lazada offers an easy way to profit from the website and application with a revenue sharing model or a commission of up to 10% of each order generated. Supported by the best support team in 6 countries and the most advanced technology with thousands of promotional media choices as well as easy payment cycles and short validation times make Lazada Afiliate Program number 1 in the industry. If you want to try it, visit Lazada’s affiliate program .

That is the discussion about Affiliates from the understanding, benefits, to some examples of companies that have the Affiliate program. Hopefully useful

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