Understand the Types of Basic Elements in Genshin Impact

Elements are an important aspect in the game Genshin Impact. The higher the Adventure Rank (AR), the more players are required to play a combination of elements between different characters. Therefore, learning various things related to elements such as elemental reactions is very useful as early as possible. Even though at first it will feel complicated, gradually you will understand how the elements work in the gameplay mechanism of Genshin Impact so that you can easily use them to smooth your adventure in the world of Teyvat!

There are 7 elements in Genshin Impact, 6 of which can be used by players.

1. Pyro

City: Natlan
Archon: Murata (?)

The fire element, pyro, has a damage per second (DoT) effect, not much different from other games. Many objects in Teyvat including structures from wood to bushes can be burned by Pyro. What you should remember, the wooden shields used by some enemies can also be burned using Pyro so that it is destroyed faster than being hit through normal attacks!

2. Cyro

City: Snezhnaya
Archon: The Tsaritsa

Ice element, which causes the enemy’s movement speed to decrease and can be used to freeze water or targets affected by the wet effect.

3. Electro

City: Inazuma
Archon: The Immortal Shogun

Lightning / electro element, which can be used to electrocute an opponent who is exposed to the wet effect or is in water. You can also use it to hunt fish in the lake. The final damage calculation resulting from a combination of elements involving Electro refers to the character level that triggers the element combination, in addition to of course the main attributes such as ATK and Elemental Mastery.

4. Anemo

City: Mondstadt
Archon: Barbatos (Venti)

Wind element, as well as the first element obtained by a Traveler. Its town, Mondstadt, is also the city where Traveler’s adventures in Teyvat begin. Does not have a debuff effect when used alone, but when combined with other elements can expand / strengthen these elements.

5. Hydro

City: Fontaine
Archon: God of Justice

Water element, which causes a wet (wet) effect on objects or characters. Due to the nature of the elements, Hydro elemental characters are often used as support.

6. Geo

City: Liyue
Archon: Rex Lapis (Zhongli?)

The earth element, which the people of Liyue worship. Similar to Hydro and Anemo, this element does not have a debuff when used alone, but, uniquely, there has not been any combination with other elements so far.

7. Dendro

City: Sumeru
Archon: God of Wisdom

Nature / plant elements, as well as the seventh element in Genshin Impact. The only element that the player can’t use yet. Little information on this element, apart from the fact that it is weak against Pyro and poison also falls into this category of elements.

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