This is the reason why the Free Fire game plays a lot

Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game that has many users or players in the world. Even the App Anie site has named Free Fire the most downloaded iOS and Android platform game in the world. This game, which is popular in Asia and Latin America, has even surpassed 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

No exception in Indonesia, this game is currently popular, especially played by children to teenagers. then do you know why this game is very much in demand? see the reasons why free fire games are widely played below.

Reasons Why Many Free Fire Games Are Playing

Can be played on Low Specs Mobile

free fire

In general, the Battle Royale game has a very large size, but the Free Fire game is quite friendly with low-spec cellphones or what we often know as potato cellphones. Where the game does not take up a large capacity. This game is only a minimum size of 500 MB and a maximum of 1Gb, of course that makes us have no trouble playing the game.

Have Unique Character and Skill Choices

Having a battle royale survival game method, Free Fire presents a different nuance from other battle royale games. Free Fire not only presents the usual battle royale survivor game, but is also available the best assortment of characters with unique abilities.

So, in the game, players will be required to think about how to use the right character and character combination in a team game. So it doesn’t just focus on playing style and tactics. This is of course the difference between Free Fire and other battle royale games.

Lots of Interesting Events and Prizes

Almost all game developers are very good at seeing the situation, including this Free Fire game developer. Every big day both in Indonesia and abroad is always greeted with an event. This event always provides very attractive prizes for its players, one of which is often sharing redeem codes that can be exchanged for prizes and interesting items such as Diamonds, weapon skins, characters, and other items. No wonder many people feel at home playing Free Fire, even most Free Fire players invite other friends to play the game.

More Affordable Bundle and Diamond Prices

In addition to offering events with a variety of free and attractive prizes, Free Fire also provides bundle items that you can buy with Diamond. The price is cheaper than other battle royal games, even cheaper than the Mobile Legend game which was busy before being replaced by this Free Fire game.

Therefore, with the price offered, you can get the items you crave when playing FF without having to squeeze too much into your wallet.

Graphics are OK

Have you ever heard that the Free Fire game is a dotted game and makes your eyes hurt? yes the taunts are usually pinned by the next game player. But with the graphics that this game has, it is quite good, considering its size is only 45MB. Of course, the graphic quality of Free Fire cannot be compared to games with Ultra HD visuals like PUBG Mobile. The size alone is far different, of course the graphics quality is much different. Even so, the graphics quality does not reduce the excitement of playing Free Fire, as evidenced by the many active users in the play store who play this game.

That is the reason why this Free Fire game is mostly played by people in Asia and Latin America, even though there are many other games that are better and more exciting.

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