This is the Generation of iPhones from Time to Time (2007-2020)

Who doesn’t know the iPhone? yes, one of the well-known smartphone brands and many of its users in the world have enlivened the gadget market until now. iPhone is known as the leader of smartphone technology innovation because it is the first mobile phone capable of making phone calls, connecting to the internet, receiving e-mail, listening to music, and navigating with human fingers.

Founder Apple Steve Job introduces for the first time Their smartphone is the first generation ‘iPhone’ on January 9, 2007, at the MacWorld event in San Francisco, United States. Until now the iPhone has gone through several generations with the series they have released. For those of you who want to know more about all the iPhone series from the first until now, we will share it for you.

IPhone Generations From Time To Time (2007-2020)

1. iPhone (2007)

This first generation iPhone only has a maximum storage of 16 GB. Because at that time there were not many large files that required large storage capacity as they are today. In addition, this first generation iPhone only has 128 MB of RAM. A very big difference compared to today’s cellphones which can reach dozens of Gigabytes. The camera is still 2 MP resolution.

2. iPhone 3G (2008)

This generation iPhone has specifications that are not much different from the previous ones, except that there are some additional features and technology such as an application store (App Store), 3G network and changes to the new operating system from the previous generation iPhone.

3. iPhone 3GS (2009)

With the iPhone 3GS, Apple introduced a 32 GB storage option, double that of the previous iPhone. The App Store’s immense influence is quickly changing things. The 16 GB memory capacity in the old series will certainly not be enough among the photos, music, and applications available on the application store. The camera was also increased to 3 MP and added video recording. Apple also added Voice Control.

4. iPhone 4 (2010)

The big change is the addition of a front camera, yes this iPhone 4 is the first iPhone to use a front camera. The iPhone 4 also gets a screen change, namely Retina. With 512 MB of memory, the iPhone 4 can handle more than just the iPhone 3GS, which only has 256 MB of memory.

5. iPhone 4S (2011)

iPhone 4S adds camera specifications to 8 MP from the previous series, which is 5 MP. Apple also introduced a 64 GB storage option. Video recording has also been upgraded to 1080p. This iPhone series is also the first iPhone to be equipped with Siri.

6. iPhone 5 (2012)

In this series, the screen changes to 4 inches, as previously we know that from the iPhone series to the iPhone 4s, the screen is only 3.5 inches. For iPhone 5 connectivity, 4G LTE is available, besides that changes have also occurred in the increase in memory, which is 1 GB. Apple also introduced the Lightning connector in this series.

7. iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c (2013)

2013 was Apple’s productive year, because Apple itself issued 2 series at once, namely the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c. Where the iPhone 5s introduces Touch ID, dual flash, and video for slow motion, while the iPhone 5C has the same specs as the iPhone 5 except that the material uses polycarbonate on the back.

8. iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus (2014)

Apple CEO Tim Cook received praise and criticism at the launch of the two series, because the iPhone 6 Plus carries a 5.5 Inch Phabalet screen which Jobs dislikes because it is too big. In addition, there are changes in the internal memory, namely the availability of another 128GB variant. In this iPhone series, Apple is also starting to leave 32GB of storage capacity.

9. iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus (2015)

The 2015 iPhone line is for the first time equipped with 3D Touch technology or something similar to the Force Touch that was previously introduced on Apple Watch products. The user can lightly touch one function and press harder for another.

10. iPhone SE (2016)

In early 2016, Apple released the iPhone SE line. This product marks the debut of the iPhone without a model number, after Apple first launched its smartphone in 2007. The iPhone SE screen is small again, which is only 4 inches. The reason is, many iPhone users want it. Apart from 3D Touch, the iPhone SE has all the internal specs that are better than the iPhone 6s. Overall, the iPhone SE was launched as a more affordable option.

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