This is the Easy Way to Add Followers on Instagram

Do you have an Instagram account, but you still have very few followers? Have you ever thought, you want to have a lot of followers so that you are admired by your friends. You must know how to increase instagram followers.

Talk about Instagram, which is a social media platform for us to share moments in a photo or video. Besides that, we can also follow other people’s accounts, like other people’s photos and also watch interesting video footage in your Instagram search column. In this case, the followers on Instagram are very important if you want the moments you have shared to be seen by many people.

Followers are followers or people who follow an Instagram account. For example, if you follow an Instagram account, then you will become a follower or follower on that account. Not a few Instagram users who want to have a lot of followers on their accounts and have a few following or accounts they follow. Various ways were done to increase the number of followers. Are you too?

If you are interested in increasing your followers, you can follow some of the tips that yiptechid will share below

How to Add Instagram Followers

Easy Ways to Add Followers on Instagram

1. Upload Photos or Videos Regularly

The first way to add Instagram followers is that you have to be diligent in uploading photos and videos regularly, at least once a day. These tips will definitely work, because if you upload photos or videos your account seems to keep updating.

That way your account will be very liked by Instagram. So that your post will be in the top position of the search list on Instagram.

2. Upload Interesting Photos or Videos

In addition to uploading photos and videos regularly, you also need to upload interesting and quality photos and videos. So that people will like your posts and will naturally follow your Instagram account.

Using good, cool and interesting photos and videos will add to the impression that your account is professional and not a fake or perfunctory account.

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3. Use the appropriate hashtags

Hashtags or hashtags in posts are very important so that Instagram users can find you. Use hashtags that match the photos or videos you upload. If you use an inappropriate hashtag, Instagram will backlist your post.

For example, if you want to sell shoes, don’t use hashtags about food, it won’t match. Use hashtags about shoes such as #shoes, #sepatumurah etc.

Using hashtags is also appropriate, don’t overdo it, it’s also not good. Look for hashtags with the most posts because most Instagram users use hashtags with lots of posts.

4. Follow Famous Accounts and Comment

Next is to follow famous accounts. Many of these tips are done by everyone and get very good feedback. By following a well-known account, some of the accounts that follow it will get recommendations to follow your account too.

After you follow a famous account then you have to comment, Comment according to the topic being discussed, try to get your comments to get the most likes. That way your comments will be in the top position, and we can be sure that the followers of this famous account will be curious about your Instagram.

5. Follow and Unfollow

This last way to add Instagram followers is indeed very controversial. We do not recommend you to do this one thing. Because Instagram really doesn’t like this act. But we still recommend it because this method is very effective if you want to add followers but of course you have to be able to use it wisely.

What do you mean? If you follow and unfollow your account might be violated by Instagram. The most likely is your account will be banned. That’s why I don’t recommend this. Even if your account is not banned, your account may not be shown to the public (Shadowban).

So once again we remind you to use it wisely, don’t follow too often and unfollow too often, so this method will be effective and avoid the risk of being banned by Instagram.

Well, those are some tips on how to easily add followers on Instagram, practice this and hopefully you will have more followers.

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