Still a Newbie? These are Tips for Playing Mobile Legend for Beginners

Are you just starting out playing Mobile Legend? Mobile Legend itself is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre game which is currently very popular in Southeast Asian countries. Especially in Indonesia, this game is often played by many people, from children to parents. For those of you who want to know tips on playing mobile legends for beginners, see the review below.

Tips for Playing Mobile Legend for Beginners

1. Ensure Adequate Internet Connection

The first tip for playing Mobile Legends is to ensure an adequate internet connection while playing. With a stable internet connection, the game will run without a hitch. Signal interference that can cause game lag, lost connections, and AFK players can be avoided. That way, you don’t have to leave the game and bother your team members who are fighting their way to victory.

2. Mastered At Least Two Heroes

The next tip is that you must master at least two Mobile Legends (ML) heroes. One favorite hero and another tank hero. You have to really know the hero you are using, starting from combos and skills, build items, passive skills, characteristics, emblems or spells that are suitable for the hero.

If you are in the Epic tier and below, it is advisable to master a hero other than Marksman (MM), because in the Grand Master (GM) tier and below many have mastered Hero Marksman. And just so you know, if there are two MM heroes in one team it’s bad, but if there is no Marksman it’s also bad, just one Hero Marksman when a match.

3. Set Build Item

If you have mastered at least two heroes in Mobile Legends, you can control what build items are used in the game. These settings are in the menu Preparation & gt; Build. Then, you can choose which hero you want to set the build for, gang.

If you are confused about how to build a Mobile Legend hero that is suitable for the hero you want to use, you can see Hot Builds or Pro Builds used by pro players.

4. Don’t Play Alone

For beginners, it is advisable not to play alone especially when heading to the end of the game or late game, because this game requires teamwork to achieve the goal, which is destroying the opponent’s base. Don’t let you die silly because you try to play alone because you are beaten up by the opponent.

5. Read the Mini Map

When playing Mobile Legends, you are on a map where you can see your surroundings through the mini map in the upper left corner. Keep an eye on the mini map to find out the whereabouts of opponents, teammates, Lord or Turtle, as well as jungle monsters. By paying attention to the mini map, you can find out all of the above to help your friends or determine when to attack and retreat.

6. Play it Safe

So if you guys still like to die from turrets or die from gangbanging, it’s time for you to stop being a feeder. Play with your heart, after all, if there are friends who can help, why are you going alone? The point is playing carefully is one of the ways to become a pro player in Mobile Legends, if you play desperately, it is not impossible that you will become a feeder. Here are some tips for playing it safe in the Mobile Legends game.

7. Watch Frequently Streams

Many of the professional Mobile Legends players record their matches and upload them on the YouTube or Facebook site. You can watch the recording on a game streaming application and learn how they use each hero properly. Apart from going through the application, you can also take advantage of the Live Streaming feature which allows you to see matches directly from within the Mobile Legends game.

Those are the Tips for Playing Mobile Legend for Beginners. if you want to play solo rank read guide to playing solo rank correctly. Hopefully this article was useful.

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