How to Restore Hacked Instagram Accounts

The number of Instagram social media users today, has opened up opportunities for hackers to carry out their hacking activities. Not a small number of victims were hacked by those who were not responsible, causing many Instagram users to look for ways to restore hacked Instagram accounts on the internet.

For that, for those of you who have an Instagram account, you need to learn how to restore an Instagram account that was hacked as well as how to prevent it if your account has not been hacked. Then how do you do it? below we will together learn how to prevent and restore hacked accounts.

How to Restore Hacked Instagram Account

  • The first way that you can do in an attempt to restore your Instagram account is to report it to Instagram.
  • Access the page
  • Select the menu Privacy & Safety – Report Something – Hacked Account – I Think my account has been hacked – Report it to us.

How to Restore Hacked Instagram Accounts Through the Impersonation Account menu

  • The second way is if the hack level has exceeded the normal limit, you can select the Impersonation Account menu. Usually, there will be a form that you need to fill out from Instagram.
  • The steps you can take are the same as the first method, only you have to select the Impersonation Account menu this time to report that your account was taken over by someone else.
  • After reporting, your Instagram account will be temporarily lost

When you finish reporting to Instagram, your account will be temporarily deleted. But you don’t need to worry about that, because it is a step on the part of Instagram to ensure that there is indeed an act of hacking on the account owner who reports. Then during the temporary deletion of this account, you should not try to create a new Instagram account with the same name again. The reason is that Instagram will feel confused and will assume that you are the perpetrator of hacking your own Instagram account.

  • Always check email. – Instagram will provide instructions via email such as writing down the account name, full name and secret code on white paper. Then you will be asked to photograph the face and white paper together to verify that the account is genuine.

Furthermore, if your Instagram account has not been hacked yet, you can anticipate it in the way that we will provide below.

How to Prevent Instagram Account from hacker attacks

  • The first thing you have to do is change your Instagram account settings from public to private. You can do this by: clicking the profile page – swipe to the left – select Settings – click “Privacy and Security” – select “Account Privacy” – activate “Private Account” select on.
  • After you activate private mode, then use the “two-factor authentication” method to provide double security for your account. This two-factor authentication allows you to secure your Instagram account via short messages such as SMS.
  • The trick is to select settings – “Privacy and Security” – click “Two-Factor Authentication” – “Get Started” – select “Text Message” so you don’t need to download another authentication application – then enter your cellphone number. This way, you can find out if someone is trying to log into your Instagram account.

Apart from the above prevention methods, you can also prevent it by paying attention to the difficulty level of your Instagram password. The more difficult the level, the less hacked your account will be. Then to maximize the prevention of hacked accounts, you must pay attention to the following things

  • When logged out after logging in to an Instagram account on a device that does not belong to you, the goal is so that your account is not easily accessible to others.
  • Never choose the save email and password menu that is offered when you log in for the first time through another device that does not belong to you.
  • Also avoid using Instagram account logins through unclear websites because it will be able to steal all of your data.

Now that’s how to restore an Instagram account and also how to prevent it if your account has not been hacked. Hopefully this is useful.

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