Playing Mobile Legend? Get to know the following terms

Games that are currently popular in Indonesia ?, yaa !! Mobile Legend Bang-bang. This MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre game was created by a game developer from China, Moonton Developer. This game, which started to steal the attention in 2016, can be played on mobile devices. In one game, it is divided into two teams consisting of 5 people each with a duration of one game ranging from 10-15 minutes, even up to more than 30 minutes.

Have you ever heard foreign terms that you don’t know? Don’t worry, in this article Yiptechid will share the terms found in the Mobile Legend game. Maybe the term you are looking for is here.

Terms in the Mobile Legend game

1. ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

That is the term used to classify heroes who have very high attack power and are able to carry the team (carry) to victory. They usually need farm and gold to buy the gear they need.

2. AFK (Away from Keyboard)

Actually, this term is not only popular in Mobile Legend. The reason is, the term AFK is often used in any online game, both MOBA, MMORPG, and other online games. Players who leave the match, whether intentional or not, are still called AFK. If several times, you can get sanctioned in the form of being banned for a while or a point deduction.

3. Blind

A bad status that causes all attacks to miss or fail to hit the target. Miss occurs on strikes to the target but the attack animation continues.

4. Build

The meaning of this term is the order of items or gameplay that you specify from the line of items you choose. You can use the burst damage method, tank, sustain or whatever depending on your team’s strategy.

5. Buff

Buff is an additional status that a hero must have, especially with carry heroes or those who are able to bring victory and difference. You can get this status by killing jungle creeps.

6. CC (Crowd Control)

A skill that can give a certain status to the enemy thereby limiting their movement. These effects can include stun, silence, airborne, reconnect, pull and many others.

7. CD (Cool Down)

That is the waiting time it takes for a skill before it can finally be used again. So, when playing Mobile Legend, each character you use has unique and different skills. This skill is very useful against enemies.

8. Critical

An attack that has a value of 200 percent. The critical status can be increased by buying gear that has a critical increase status. Meanwhile, the critical status can be reduced by a gear that has a critical chance rate reduction.

9. core

Core is an English word, which means core. In Mobile Legends, the term “core” refers to a core hero who has strong abilities. This ability can take the form of a powerful attack and has great potential in leading the team to victory.

10. DPS (Damage Per Second)

This is short for damage per second. Damage that can be generated by a hero every second. The heroes who have a very high attack speed are also known as DPS.

11. Disable

Hero’s ability to disable (making the opponent unable to do anything), such as stun, silent and others.

12. Exchange

The process of exchanging attacks with enemies during lane and team fights. This exchange can be good or bad. A good exchange occurs when the enemy takes more damage and vice versa.

13. Early, Mid, and Late Game

Early itself starts from the beginning to the third minute, then mid from three to ten minutes. In this phase, your farming method must be optimal by killing opponents or stealing enemy jungles. Meanwhile, late game is a term in Mobile Legends which means the match lasts more than ten minutes until the end of the match.

14. Farming

In the world of MOBA games like Mobile Legends, the term Farming refers to activities to seek gold or gold. This search for gold can be done in the jungle or when kidnapping an enemy who made a mistake.

15. Feed / Feeder

Feed or well feed is a term used to describe a hero who gets the most kills. While feeder is a term used to describe a team member who dies constantly so as to give a lot of gold and experience to the enemy.

16. Gank

Attacking an isolated enemy intentionally or unintentionally in a batch. Usually the gank process is very fast and full of surprises.

17. GG (Good Game)

Good play, if it refers to someone, it means that person is playing well. sometimes it can also symbolize sportsmanship. and GG is also used to mark the game over.

18. Harrass

Attacking the opponent while laning until finally the opponent has to retreat to heal themselves or stay near the turret. This process causes them to lag in level or have difficulty collecting gold.

19. High Ground

High Ground means “plateau”, or in Mobile Legends it means the base of the two teams whose door is guarded by the turret.

20. Hyper Carry

The strategy in mobile legends is to make the core hero or carry only 1 in the team, namely by taking all the Gold as much as possible throughout the game so that it can be strong quickly.

21. KDA (Kill / Death / Assist)

The ratio a hero gets when killing enemy heroes, killed in battle, and as an assist in war.

22. KS (Kill Steal)

It is short for a kill steal or stealing a kill from a teammate, or more often than not, we are familiar with it, aka stealing a kill.

23. Where

A hero’s magic capacity. Mana is also used as the unit needed to issue skills. Some heroes have no mana, instead they use other units with specific names and functions.

24. Meta

Meta stands for “Most Effective Tactic Available” which means it is an effective tactic to win in the Mobile Legend game.

25. Midlanner

The one who fills in the middle lane game. Usually the name for carry, and accompanied by support and tank at the same time, and the carry will get more exp and gold than others.

26. MMR (Match Making Rating)

The rating is calculated based on the number of games played by the player, along with the number of wins and losses.

27. Noob / Nob

Noob or nob is a term for novice players or old players whose game skills are below average. Usually used for mockery.

28. Nerf

A decrease in the ability of a character or hero, because it is considered over power. To get balance in the game.

29. Offlaner

The position of the lane which is located above (top lane). This lane tends to be difficult to master because you will meet two enemies at once. You need special heroes to protect it.

30. Push

Attempts to push one or more lanes, in order to reach and destroy the objective.

31. Poke (Installment)

Attack the opponent’s hero little by little without the intention of chasing him until he gets killed. Usually to frighten your opponent / make it difficult for your opponent to move to find gold.

32. Reaper

One of the monsters in the forest. This monster will give you gold, experience and mana regeneration.

33. Role

Role means the role of Hero. For example: support, fighter, marksman, tank, mage, etc.

34. Scaling

Relative increase in hero’s strength as they level up and gain Gear when compared to other heroes.

35. Smurfs

The second / new account that usually Win Rate or KDA is still good.

36. Spell Vamp

A unique ability that will turn the damage done by the skill into HP.

37. Spinner

One of the monsters in the forest. This monster will provide additional gold, experience and buffs.

38. Stack

A term that refers to the accumulation of effects due to certain skills.

39. Tier

Your division is ranked. For example, Master, Grand Master (GM), Epic, Legend, Mythic, and Mythical Glory. More or less like rank.

40. Troll

The meaning of trolling or trolling in a mobile legend is doing

41. True Damage

One type of attack in Mobile Legends. True Damage cannot be withheld by anything so that the numbers on the status will be the same as the numbers that appear in the game.

42.WR (Winrate)

The percentage of the winning ratio either overall or in a particular hero.

43. Weaken

Reduces movement speed / movement of certain heroes by 70%, physical damage by 50% for 3 seconds. This ability cooldown is 60 seconds.

Maybe that’s just the term in the mobile legend, if there are other terms that aren’t listed above, please submit them in the comments column along with their definitions. Thank you

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