List of Moneymaker Application Recommendations for 2021

Today, smartphones have become a primary need for humans, this can be seen from the graph of the increase in the number of smartphone use every year. The function of smartphones has also grown from being only for communication media until now the function of smartphones is able to make money. How to? with you using money-generating applications that you can use for your additional income.

Only with a quota or internet access and a smartphone you can make extra money. But you also have to be observant when you want to choose a money-making application, because not infrequently some of these applications commit acts of fraud or scam and it could even be phishing. Therefore we provide the following application recommendations

List of Recommended Money Making Applications

Cash for App

The first money-making application is Cash for App , this app is one of the proven paying earning apps according to some who have used it. This application is including those that have been present in the Playstore for a long time, which was released in 2015. Well, for how it works you have to download several applications that are already available and after downloading them you will get a reward.

This application, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times, only provides payment methods via Paypal and Amazon. So if you want to withdraw the money that you have earned, you must have an account from the two online transaction service providers.

Snack Video

Recently snack video is busy talking, namely the application for sharing this video we can find anywhere when we explore on the internet. This application you can use easily which if you get coins, you can exchange them for money. But maybe this process won’t take long, because reportedly an application made by Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd will distribute rewards to its users only during the promotional period.

The way this app works is pretty straightforward. After you download this application then you only need to enter the invitation code, invite friends, watch videos and check in daily so you will automatically get rewarded. Furthermore, if you want to retrieve the rewards that you have collected, you can use a third-party application, namely DANA.

Cash Gift

The next recommended application is Cash Gift . We highly recommend Cash Gift to those of you who have a lot of internet quota, because the way it works is that you have to watch advertisements and install several applications provided by Cash Gift. This application has been proven to pay its users with a minimum disbursement limit of 3 dollars.

In this application you will get a number of points after you complete the task that you get from Cash Gift. Which every time you collect 1000 points it is the same as you have collected 1 dollar. Which means you can withdraw it after accumulating 3000 points. Even though the nominal is too small, it’s still not bad that just by playing on your cellphone you can make money.


Application BuzzBreak you can use to make money by reading news, watching videos, checking in daily and inviting friends so you will make money from what you do. If you use this application you can make payouts using the Paypal BuzzBreak and the DANA application.

If you have a hobby of reading news, both domestic and foreign information news this application is perfect for you. Very fun, right? While you are channeling your reading hobby at the same time you will also get a reward which you can cash in.

WHAFF Reward

Application Whaff Reward is one of the most downloaded money-making applications on the Google Playstore. The way it works is the same as other money-making applications, namely by installing several applications that have been suggested by Whaff Reward.

By installing the application recommended by Whaff Rewards, you can make money ranging from 0.1 to 1 dollar per event. There are several payment methods available, including through Paypal and exchange methods in the form of credit balances to cellular operators such as Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, and so on.

So that’s the money-making application that we recommend for you. You can use this application to simply increase your income. Hopefully useful

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