List of the 5 Most Popular Databases in 2020

A database or commonly called a database is a collection of data that is stored neatly and systematically on a computer which can be processed using a database application program so that it can produce information. The data stored is in the form of tables, schemas, objects, views, queries and the like depending on the data type.

The application program for processing data is called DBMS, this DBMS application will directly interact by connecting the stored database with the user. With DBMS users can do various things such as querying databases, updating data, creating data, exporting data and administering other databases.

In 2020, to be precise, conducted research to find out which databe was the most popular / frequently used by many individuals / agencies. The following is a screenshot of the results

In this article, Yiptechid will only discuss the top 5 of the 10 results displayed by

1. Oracle

The first popular database is Oracle. The company originating from California, United States has been around since 1977 for the first time making a relational database management system (RDBMS). The name Oracle is synonymous with large databases used in companies or complex databases.

This Oracle database is included in the paid category, but for developers when building a database using Oracle, you don’t need to worry, because the client will pay for the license later. But if you sell a package with a license to a client it can also depend on the agreement.

2. MySQL

MySQL is a database that is popularly used for website purposes ranging from personal use to corporate level. MySQL supports various programming languages so that it is widely used by website developers. In addition, MySQL is also free to use, you don’t need a license to use it.

Large companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe and other large companies use MySQL for their website database needs. For programming languages that support MySQL such as C, C #, C ++, Delphi, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and many others.

3. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft’s third popular database is paid like Oracle. Microsoft is not only famous for its operating system, but Microsoft also has Microsoft SQL Server for databases.

Microsoft SQL Server is a commercial rational database, unlike Ms Access which is only used as a desktop computer, SQL Server can be used for Windows Server which has features for database management and other server features.

4. PostgreSQL

The fourth database is PostgreSQL or it can be called Postgres. This database has a function similar to Microsof SQL Server, which is a rational database that can be used to store and restore data safely.

PostgreSQL is commonly found on macOS devices, because it has become a standard that all devices with the MacOS operating system use PostgreSQL. But you can find PostgreSQL on Windows devices and other Linux distributions.

5. MongoDB

MongoDB is a database with the concept of noSQL. NoSQL database is a database that does not use table relations like SQL and does not store data in dynamic forms such as relational databases. In database storage, MongoDB uses a document whose structure is similar to JSON.

MongoDB features automatic scaling, high performance and high availability. In performing operations, MongoDB uses Javascript to perform CRUD processing, aggregation, indexing and other database operations.

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