5 Interesting Facts About the Development of Technology

In modern times, technology is very influential in human life. Yes, almost all activities that humans do cannot be separated from the role of technology, from the smallest activities such as entertainment for themselves involving smartphones to large activities such as cooperation between countries in the field of technology such as Indonesia and Japan which collaborate for the MRT project ( Mass Rapid Transit ).

The development of the technology world has been quite rapid lately, that’s what we know now. Many new discoveries about technology were born and we all don’t know how long this has limitations. You need to know that during the development of this technology, many interesting things happened, you would never imagine it when compared to how you feel about technology now. What are the interesting things during the developing world of technology? see the following reviews.

5 Interesting Facts About the Development of Technology

1. The appearance of the first computer

If you’ve ever watched the film called “The Imitation Game” by director Morten Tyldum, you know how complex and surprising the computer “shape” was when Alan Turing first assembled it. Yes, completely different from the computers we know today.

This is the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), the world’s first programmable electronic digital computer. ENIAC was developed and built by the US Army for their Armament Research Laboratory, where the computer began construction on May 17, 1943 as Project PX.

2. The form of the world’s first mouse

The computer mouse was first created in 1964, the person who created it was Doug Engelbart using wood material, consisting of a circuit board and two iron wheels.

The development or innovation from the iron wheel to the Rubbul Ball took a long time to finally develop into the optical sensor mouse that we are used to.

3. The World’s First Mobile Form

As a modern mobile connoisseur, do you know what cell phones looked like when they first appeared decades ago?

John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper from Motorola demonstrate the world’s first mobile phone in 1973. By using a phone weighing 4.4 pounds or about 2 kg. In 1983, the DynaTAC 8000x became the first mobile device to be sold commercially.

4. The world’s first Website appearance

Nowadays there are many websites that are scattered on the internet, from those that have a simple appearance to those that are very cool.

But many people don’t know how the history of the website was first created. Likewise it looks, surely you have never seen it either, right ?. Well, the address of the site as well as the world’s first web server is Info.cern.ch , operational on the NeXT computer at CERN. Address of the site page before finally pointing to the www project

5. The world’s first search engine

Who doesn’t know Google? The number one technology company that is famous for its search engine has a lot of users in this world, because it can make it easier for people to find any information via the Internet. But is Google the first search engine in the world? The answer is no. Then how did the appearance of the first search engine in the world, before Google was born?

The existence of the search engine was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, who was still a student at McGill University, Canada. At that time, Alan Emtage created a search engine called “Archie” (taken from the word archives). Although its capabilities are still limited, it is the first search engine in the world.

So that’s an interesting fact about the development of the world of technology, which number is the most interesting in your opinion? Answer in the comments column yes, hopefully this is useful.

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