How to Setup TP-Link Router on Biznet Modem

Currently, FO or Fiber Optic cable-based internet services are increasingly circulating, one of these service providers is Biznet. Why is that? Because fiber optic is the right material for sending data into computer networks.

Now for those of you who want to share the internet network to the surrounding area, you can use the TP-Link Router by using a Biznet Modem, you can follow How to Setup a TP-Link Router on a Biznet Modem.

How to Setup TP-Link Router on Biznet Modem

1. First, connect the modem from Biznet to the TP Link Router with a LAN cable

2. Then enter the TP link Router settings menu by typing the address in the browser, a dialog box will appear, fill in username: admin and password: admin. if successful it will enter the settings menu as follows:

3. Click on the Quick Settings menu, then select Auto-Detect or you can also directly select PPPoE, then select the desired network

4. After that, enter the User Name and password provided by Biznet during installation

5. Finally, set the desired Wifi name and password

Those are the steps and your internet is ready to be used and shared, so many articles about How to Setup a TP Link Router for Biznet, I hope the tutorial above can help.

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