How to Restore Deleted Files on PC / Laptop

How do I restore deleted files on a laptop? As we have seen, theoretically, something that has been erased in a certain place will not be able to come back again. But what if that happens to our laptop?

On a computer or laptop, there are two conditions that occur when we delete a file, among others, the file is deleted which then enters the recycle bin and the file is deleted or lost permanently.

When we press the delete button the file is usually entered into the recycle bin, but if we press the delete + shift key the file is usually deleted permanently.

For those of you who have lost files that have been deleted, there are three ways we can do so that the deleted files can come back again. Check out the method as follows

Restoring Deleted Files on Laptop Through Recycle Bin

This method we can do on the Windows operating system from Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. The trick is to use the restore feature in the recycle bin. The steps are as follows

  • First, open the recycle bin, you can double click to open it
  • then we find the file we need, remember the file name and write it in the search field
  • If you have found, we try to right click on the file and select the option “Restore” so that the file returns.
  • If we have practiced the steps above, the system will automatically restore our files to the place before they were deleted.

There are some desktop cases, sometimes we can’t find the Recycle Bin icon. For that we need a way to bring it up. Let us right click on the mouse on the desktop, then select the option “View” and we select “Show desktop icons”.

Restoring Deleted Files on Laptop Using Backup and Restore

First use the default application from your laptop, namely Backup and Restore. Let’s look at the steps below:

  • First, we open the “Start” menu or we can search for it directly through the search column as in the following image
  • then type ‘control panel’
  • After selecting the control panel, then we select the option “System and Maintenance” then select “Backup and Restore”

Note: you can do this method if you have previously backed up your computer or laptop, so that later it can be restored (restore the previous condition) by referring to the backup file that you created earlier.

  • Select Restore as shown above
  • Then there will be a backup file that you created, select the file and restore it

Restoring Deleted Files on Laptop with Recuva Application

.Install the Recuva application

  • In order to restore a permanently deleted file on a laptop we need help from a recovery application. There are many choices of applications in internet searches, but this time we will use the recuva application to handle this case.
  • For that we need to download the application at the following link: Download Recuva
  • Take it easy, we can use this application for free without the need to pay. install the free version.

Open the application to start restoring deleted data

  • After we finish downloading and installing the application, we just run the application. We will see the main view of the Recuva application as shown below:

Select the location of the drive where we will display the files again

  • We focus on the top tab, there will be a button to select the drive that is on our computer or laptop to be the location of the permanently deleted files.
  • Adjust the location of the drive to the location of the data that has been deleted permanently, for example on drive C, then select Local Disk (C :).

Type the name of the missing file if possible

  • We go to the Filename or path tab, if we still remember the file name that was deleted then type the file name. If we do this, it will make the recovery process easier for us to do. If you don’t remember, we just leave it blank.

Start Scan

  • Next we will start the scanning process. Click the Scan button so that the process of searching for deleted data starts the process.
  • The scanning process will take a lot of time, it depends on the capacity and ability of the drive to scan data. We until the process is complete.

Select the files to restore

  • When the scanning process is complete, the deleted files will appear. Look for files that we will restore again or we need.
  • We can also select more than 1 file at once by checking which files we want to restore.

Click the Recover button

  • When we have selected the files that we want to restore, then we click the Recover button at the bottom right to start the recovery process or restore deleted data.

Choose a location to save the file

  • Next we choose a location to save the file that we recovered earlier. When finished selecting the storage location we click OK.

So, those are some of the ways we can do to restore deleted files on our computer or laptop. May be useful

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