Here’s How To Play Among Us With Your Friends

How to Play Game Among Us – When you have free time, the most fun thing to do is play games. Games are games that can make the players lose track of time, for example, like Android games. Currently there are lots of places to download Android games that you can get for free, for example on the Play Store and App Store.

One that is currently popular is the game Among Us. This game is very exciting, friend, you must try it if you have never played it. But, even though the game is fun, after a long time it will feel boring too if we play it alone. To prevent that from happening, we must play it together with close friends, brothers or sisters. Children today often call it Mabar (Playing Together).

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Because this is a game that has just been released, maybe you will find it difficult to play because it is still new. If so, how can we play it with friends? Surely this will be a question mark for friends who have just played this game. So, therefore, I will make a little tutorial about this among us game. Yes, that is how to mabar with friends among us. Want to know how? Please immediately refer to the steps I have provided below:

How to play with friends in the game Among Us

  1. Please first install this game on the Play Store using the keywords Among Us.
  2. If you already have this game, just open the game immediately to see the contents in it.
  3. On the front page, please select the Online menu to create a game.
  4. After that, please select the Create Game menu in the Host section.
  5. On that page, maybe you will feel confused because the language in this game uses English. Actually, the game asks you to set the room that you have to make first. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, because I’ve made a little explanation below:
  • Map: please select 1-3 maps that you want to use.
  • Impostor: choose one of the number of importers from numbers 1-3.
  • Chat: enter with Chattingan language that you will use in the room.
  • Max Player: Please specify how many players or players can enter the room. Maximum of 10 players.
  1. If everything is set correctly, please continue by selecting Confirm at the bottom right.
  2. After selecting confirm, you will immediately be directed to the room page that you have succeeded in. Create earlier.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the code coming from the room you created earlier. So, please copy the code and share it with your friends.
  4. Finally, you only need to wait for your friend to enter the room.

That was how to easily play among us games, I hope this tutorila can help all of you. If you are still having trouble, please leave your comment to explain the problem. If there is time, maybe we will respond to the comments you provide. Thank you for reading this article, and good luck, friend.

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