How to Place Ads on Instagram To Streamline Your Business

Instagram is a social media platform that is very popular at this time, many users upload photos and videos of their best moments, therefore with active users spread all over the world this platform is very suitable to be used as a medium for advertising by business people.

Yes, the Insatgram Ads feature is owned by Insatgram, which is one of the advertising activities on Instagram to reach a wider and targeted audience. This advertising feature is often used to increase brand exposure, website traffic, or collect new leads.

If you want to try advertising on this social media platform, first know some of the ways to advertise that we usually encounter on Instagram.

  1. Using influencer services, to be paid for promotion or endorsement. You do this by direct contact with accounts that offer paid promotions or celebrities, or through management services (usually for famous artists) such as lconic sisters, etc.
  2. Using a bot system, for automatic marketing including follow, unfollow, like, dm. This method is almost impossible to do anymore because Instagram’s security system is getting tighter.
  3. Using advertising, for business acceleration and scaling without limits. You do this by using paid advertisements provided on Instagram via Facebook Ads.

Especially for this article, Yiptechid will provide a way to advertise on Instagram using Instagram Ads

How to Advertise on Instagram with Instagram Ads

  • To get started, you can open Facebook and select “Create Ad” in your Facebook Business Ad Center.
  • The first thing it will ask you to do is choose what specific goals you want to achieve from this ad.
  • Do you want sales? Fill out the form for lead generation? Or just increase brand awareness?
  • Think about exactly what action you want and choose that goal.

This can affect ad placement, as Facebook tries to show your ad to users who are likely to take the action you want it to take, so take it seriously.

  • In this example, I’m going to select Traffic as the destination, which will then ask you where this traffic is being sent.
  • You can choose an option like your website, application, Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • The last two are great choices if you want to try to strike up a conversation.
  • Next, it’s time to choose your audience targeting.

This is an important part of the ad creation process, because if targeting is disabled, nothing else will line up and your conversions will be interrupted.

  • You can choose from location targeting, language targeting, age and gender targeting, retargeting options, and interests, behavior, and demographic targeting.
  • Want to target parents in their early twenties who own a house? You can do this.
  • Want to show your ad to women over 40 who recently viewed one of your Instagram videos?
  • You can do that too.
  • Once you’ve chosen your targeting, you can edit your placements.
  • When you click, you’ll see that Instagram placements have been turned on, alongside all Facebook placements.
  • In most cases, it’s beneficial to keep everything enabled unless you want to remove something specific.
  • This can actually reduce the cost of Instagram Ads.
  • Under placements, you’ll need to set your budget and bids, if you choose to bid manually.
  • The budget determines the total amount that you are willing to spend
  • The bid (if applicable) tells Facebook how much you are willing to spend on one click / thousand impressions / app installs, and so on.
  • You can also schedule start and end dates for your ad.
  • Finally, it’s time to make Instagram Ads yourself.
  • Choose from a single image, carousel, video, or collection ads and start putting them together.
  • Select an image or video, and use the preview option to see how it will look in Newsfeed Ads and / or Story Ads (if you use both).
  • Make sure that the ad is cropped properly and looks good on every placement where the ad is running.
  • Add the link you want the user to be directed to the ad’s destination
  • Enter ad text that can entice users to click
  • Choose your CTA, and more.

You now have the option to add copywriting in a different language if you are reaching a bilingual audience.

  • Once your ad looks good on every placement, immediately submit it for Facebook review.

Facebook will usually approve most campaigns within a few days at the latest.

Conclusion: When you first start running your Instagram Ads campaign, be prepared for a slightly higher CPC or CPM than you might see on other Facebook placements (especially very affordable options like audience networks).

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