How to Overcome Apache That Can’t Start in XAMPP

Often times we can’t run Apache that is on xampp. Try to think again whether xampp is the result of reinstalling not the first time you install it. Normally, the first time you install xampp, something like this rarely happens. Now the possibility of this error occurs because your xampp is the result of reinstalling because the default port on xampp is already used so that apache cannot run. If we can’t open XAMPP then we can’t open our local ip which we usually use to develop web-based programs on XAMPP.

So for those of you who experience Apache can’t start, try the steps that we will discuss below. namely by changing the port in the httpd.conf file

How to Overcome Apache That Can’t Start

  • Go to the folder where we installed XAMPP, look for the “apacheconf” directory. For example in this case we installed XAMPP on local disk C: then open the directory “C: xamppapacheconf”
  • Then look for the file with the name “httpd.conf” open with Notepad or Notepad ++.
  • Search for “Listen 80” on line 47. (Can be different) Then change it to “Listen 8080”.
  • Next, change the ServerName on line 176 (It could be a different line). match the Port Listener.

Then restart XAMPP. Then try running the apple again:
To open Localhost, add the port we changed. For example: if previously to open CodeIgniter on HTDOCS we did it by opening the URL: http: // localhost / CodeIgniter. Now that the PORT has been changed, we have to add the changed PORT behind localhost to http: // localhost: 8080 / CodeIgniter

So that’s how we handle the error, apache can’t start in xampp. Follow the steps carefully and I hope this article is useful

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