This is the cause and how to overcome Adsense Low value content

Adsense Low value content – When registering a website or blog to Google Adsense, sometimes we get rejection with the message “Low Value Content” and what exactly is the meaning and cause of this low value content?

What is Low Value Content

Low value content or in Indonesian, low value content is one of the indications given by Google which states that our website or blog is still minimal or has little indexed content and is useful for readers. So it is clear here that our problem is with our blog or web content which is still small or our website is too young.

Causes and ways to overcome Low Value Content

Some of the causes of this low value content that we collect from various sources are as follows:

1. Content is still low

This is usually the most common cause of low value content, if the content on our blog or website is still very little like 5 or 10, it is considered that our blog is still under development so it is not ready. Not to mention that usually not all of our content is indexed properly by Google (losing competitiveness, for example because our blog is new).

Solution: Make more content regularly and if the blog is new, try to create unique content by paying attention to the interests of other people on the internet, meaning that if possible we create general content that is made first so that the potential for our blog is found by high users. From several sources that I read, there are at least 16 content on our blog that has been indexed by Google (remember here the content has been indexed by Google) so it’s not the total amount of content that we created, just make it for example 25 to be safe. Don’t forget to also submit the article to Google Search Console.

2. Less interesting / useful topics

This is also usually the cause of being rejected by adsense, moreover, it is also the cause of our blogs lack of visitors. Selection of topics that are not interesting / useful will be difficult, especially for new blogs to get visitors.

Solution: Do your research first with a few tools such as a keyword planner, to make sure the topic or niche of our blog is in great demand or not. For new blogs, you should find a topic that many people are looking for but there are still few competitors (it’s hard to find this topic).

3. There are still too few visitors

The small number of blog visitors is also another factor in the rejection of the blog / web by google adsense.

Solution: Create content that is interesting and easy to read so that people feel at home on our blog.

4. The age of the blog is still too young

The age of the blog is also an important factor in the acceptance by adsense. Blogs that are too young are usually a bit difficult (although not impossible) for google adsense to accept.

Solution: Be patient at least until 4 weeks before we submit the blog to google adsense.

5. Lots of copypaste articles

Avoid articles that are copied from other people or are dirty.

Solution: Try to make an original article, so that Google likes it and if you quote from other blogs, include the source.


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