How To Increase Video Quality To HD With Xilisoft Application

A video has various qualities, from 3gp to video that has HD quality. For those of you who often watch movies or videos, you must feel very uncomfortable watching movies with poor video quality and have small resolutions. Therefore, many people are trying to improve the quality of the video to be the best video quality so that it is enjoyable to watch.

Of the many ways to improve the quality of the videos that we have, one of them is by using the Video Converter Factory application, this time Yiptechid will share one way or tutorial to improve video quality to HD, namely by using the Xilisoft Video Converter application.

How to increase video quality to HD using the Xilisoft Video Converter application.

  • Download and then install the application. If you don’t have the master file yet, you can download the application here
  • Open the application that was downloaded earlier. Click Add then select the video that will be changed quality.
  • On the Profile Menu, you can change the Video Format, so that it is better, the admin recommends changing it to H.264 or mkv.
  • Then on the upper right Profile Tab, you can change the quality you want, not only Quality, but Video and Audio Size you can change.
  • Click Start to start changing the video quality and wait for the encoder process to finish!

Information: Not all SD quality can be changed to Super HD, at least you can change it to 720p Resolution!

Well, that’s how to change the video quality to HD. But not all videos can be made HD, it depends on how the previous quality was. That is, if the initial video is only 360p, you can only change it to 480p – 720p. If it passes from that, in the middle of the Encoder process it will Fail! Even though it works when it runs, the video will Crash !. If you have questions, please submit them in the comments column.

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