How to get rid of virus shortcuts on flash drives and laptops

Shortcut viruses are usually marked by changing certain files into shortcut files where the characteristics of this virus are the f folder, shortcut files and sometimes there are also thumbs.db . If your flashdisk has a change like this it means that your flashdisk is hit by the Firus shortcut. But take it easy. This virus is actually not dangerous, but if it happens repeatedly, it will of course be very annoying. If you want to remove or clean this type of virus on a flash and laptop, you can follow the steps below:

How to Get Rid of Shortcut Virus on Flash Disk

  • Plug your flash disk into the computer, then click flash disk – Organize (for Windows 7, Windows 8). If you are using Windows 10, click the flash disk – View – Options.
  • Then after that a new window appears on your PC screen. In that window, click and then activate Show hidden files, folders and drives. After that, remove the checkbox on Hide Extention to know file types and Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
  • Furthermore, if a warning message appears as shown below, just click the yes button

After you have done the above steps, the folders that were hidden should be visible.

  • Now, you run the command prompt function. Type cmd in the Cortana column, then run the command prompt as administrator.
  • You have to pay attention first in Explorer, which drive your flash disk is on, whether in F, E, C or G. Make sure your observations are accurate, because if it is wrong it can be fatal. Drive C is usually for the system, and disks are usually F or G.
  • Think of it as F, then in the command prompt function, you type F: then press enter.
  • Next, you type command: del * .lnk s / d / then press enter. If it still fails, try the command del * .lnk and hit enter.
  • Still at the command prompt, now type the command: attrib -s -h -r -a . / s / d . If an error message appears try only / d or / s .
  • Now, go back to Windows Explorer in the first step, check again in the Hide extentions for known file types and then Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) options .

How to Get Rid of Shortcut Virus on a Laptop

Apart from attacking the flash disk, this type of shortcut virus also often attacks laptops or PCs. But you don’t need to worry, you can still get rid of shortcut viruses that attack laptops. It’s just that, the procedure is very different.

The First Way

  • You need to type msconfig in the Cortana field, then click System configuration that appears in the search results.
  • Then click the Startup tab menu – Open Task Manager.
  • On the Startup tab menu, find and select nkvasyoxww.vbs then right click and click the Disable menu.

Cara yang Kedua

You must type %temp% in the Cortana search field, then click the %temp% folder that appears in the list.

  • After the folder window appears, you will need to find the nkvasyoxww.vbs file and delete it.

Now that’s how to get rid of shortcut viruses, for the two methods above are fairly effective for removing shortcut viruses that attack flash disks and laptops. However, if the same problem keeps repeating itself, then the last way is to use the most reliable anti virus application. Nearly all antivirus are capable of doing this task well.

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