How to find out which device is connected to wifi

In today’s digital era, the use of the internet has turned into a primary need for every human being. To get a connection to the Internet network itself, one of them is through the wifi network.

According to wikipedia itself Wifi is a technology that uses electronic equipment to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections.

We do many activities on the internet, starting from accessing social media, chatting via instant messaging, video streaming, online gaming and for work needs.

Wifi was chosen because in addition to being able to provide a fast connection, it is also because accessing the internet via wifi is very practical, especially if the user has high mobility.

Everyone who uses wifi must really crave a fast and stable connection, especially if we use it to download a large file. A stable wifi will easily complete the fast download process too.

But have you ever used Wifi but the wifi you are using is very slow?. This can happen by several factors, one of which is because too many users are connected to our wifi network at the same time.

For that we need to check which users are currently connected to the wifi that we are using. Here Yiptechid will share the method for you.

How to find out which device is connected to wifi

We can monitor who is connected to the wifi network just by checking it directly on the modem / router gateway using a web browser. For the following example, I use the Huawei HG8245H ONT modem that I got while subscribing to Indihome.

The trick is to open a web browser, then type the IP address in the URL bar of the browser. If we can’t access the IP address, it’s possible that the Gateway IP on your modem / router has changed. Please check with the ipconfig command via the CMD command prompt or linux terminal.

After successfully logging in to the modem configuration page, now click the Status menu -> User Device Information. On this page we can see the hostname of the connected device, IP address, MAC address, and also the status of the device whether it is online or offline.

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For the following example I found a device that I don’t recognize (because it doesn’t have a hostname) with an IP address of Then I will block the device with MAC filtering, the way is to just click the Network Application button as I marked it.

By clicking the Network Application button above, we will be directed to a page like the image below. On this page we can apply policies (rules) that we can apply to that host.

Because I don’t recognize the device and I will block the MAC address so it can’t be connected. Just click the MAC Filter button.

Then we will be directed to the WLAN MAC Filter Configuration page. Click the Apply button to save the configuration so that the MAC address of the device we don’t recognize earlier can be blocked.

Even though we have clicked the Apply button, the device we did not recognize earlier can still connect to wifi, this is because the MAC Filter has not been enabled or we have not activated it. So yes, we have to activate it first by checking the Enable WLAN MAC Filter checkbox.

If it is checked, the result will look like the image below.

So far, we have succeeded in blocking the unknown device using the MAC address filtering feature on the modem configuration page. That way, the device will automatically disconnect (disconnected) from the wifi and will not be able to connect again.

That’s how to find out which device is connected to wifi on Huawei’s ONT modem. These steps are very important in order to maintain the stability of the wifi network so that not just anyone can use our wifi arbitrarily.

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