How to Backup Drivers in Windows 10 Using CMD

Drivers on a computer have an important role, which is in charge of controlling every hardware installed on the computer, so that each installed hardware device can interact with the Operating System, applications and interact with other devices.

Whatever operating system is used without a driver, the computer will not be able to operate the hardware that is integrated with it. Although you can, for sure it won’t work optimally.

However, the problem that is often faced by users is the driver itself. As for the problem, such as forgetting to save the master driver, unavailability of drivers on the site of the hardware vendor or other non-technical problems.

Given the very importance of these drivers, we therefore recommend that you backup the drivers on your computer. For those who don’t know that you can do this driver backup method by using the command prompt.

Now in this article we are using the Windows 10 operating system.So later when you lose the master driver and you want to reinstall the driver, you no longer need to install all these drivers from scratch, just export from the backup file that has been installed. there is only.

How to Backup Drivers on Windows 10 Using CMD

In this tutorial, we will take advantage of the DISM feature which we can use via the Command prompt. Okay, before we open the command prompt as Administrator. Once open, type the following command:

DISM /Online /Export-Driver /Destination:F:\Driver

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Don’t forget to change “F: \ Driver” to be the destination folder or destination folder where this backup file will be stored. Also make sure the folder that is the destination is available, if not, you will see an error message. If everything is okay, just press the enter key and wait for the process to finish.

After receiving a complete successfully message, the driver has been successfully backed up. You can check the destination folder that you specified earlier.

How to restore the driver backup file?

It’s easy, after you reinstall your laptop / computer as usual, open the command prompt as administrator, then type the following command:

DISM /Online /Add-Driver /Driver:F:\Driver /Recurse

Make sure the location / path of the directory is correct according to what you created. This trick doesn’t only apply to Windows 10, you can also use it on Windows 8 and 8.1. That’s the way to backup drivers in Windows 10, not using additional software, just through one command line at the Command prompt. Good luck!

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