History of the Invention of GPS, namely Satellite-Based Navigation Technology

As we know, the Global Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology in the form of navigation that makes it easier for us when driving. At the beginning of its development, GPS technology was used by the military as navigation for their vehicles, both land and air. Meanwhile at that time the use of GPS for civilians was very limited.

Over time, we can feel the GPS technology if we have a smartphone and internet network. For example, online motorcycle taxis today, where drivers and customers often use GPS to navigate their trips. Although GPS technology is very familiar today, not many people know how the history of this technology is.

History of the Invention of GPS

This GPS technology originated from an invention by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States. In 1957, MIT scientists discovered the radio signal frequency of the Russian Sputnik satellite that fluctuates as it approaches and moves away. Yana where this effect is the same as when we hear the sound of a horn that changes as the car accelerates.

The discovery resulted in a big idea. Satellites in outer space can be tracked from the ground by measuring the frequency of the radio signals they emit. On the other hand, the reception location on the ground can be traced based on the distance from the satellite. From there came the idea to create a satellite signal-based navigation system which we call GPS.

This GPS navigation system was first designed by the United States Department of Military Defense in 1970.Before GPS was created, the American military already had several types of navigation systems, including LORAN (Long Range Radio Navigation), VOR (VHF Omni-directional Radio) and OMEGA. However, the accuracy of the navigation system is still too weak and unable to reach a global scale. Therefore, this GPS invention is a new breakthrough and very cutting-edge in military navigation system.

In 1974, America launched its GPS satellites for the first time, and was followed by several satellites in the following years. All the satellites they have launched into space form constellations that can reach all directions. It was only in 1994 that scientists announced that the GPS system was fully operational.

From the discovery of GPS technology, there was a very influential person, Ivan Getting, an MIT scientist. Ivan has big concepts and ideas about the use of radio signals emitted by the Sputnik satellite. As a result, when he proposed the design of the GPS system, the US government was willing to pour large funds into realizing the technology.

Under Dr. Getting also, Aerospace engineers and scientists studied the use of satellites as the basis of a navigation system for fast-moving vehicles in three-dimensional images, which in turn developed a concept essential to GPS technology.

For the first time in 1999, GPS technology was introduced into mobile phones which the company Benefon was the first to pioneer and the phone was dubbed the Benefon Esc.

Now that’s the history of GPS technology that not many people know about, especially for people today who have enjoyed GPS technology for their driving navigation needs.

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