Guide to Root Oppo Smartphone the Latest

As in previous articles rooting the cellphone is done so that you can access the advanced system and get features that are not available on a normal cellphone (which has not been rooted) such as adding, subtracting, or modifying files or data located on a normal device, for example : install the Xposed Framework application and XinternalSD modules that function to change the default storage from internal to the SD card. In addition, with root you can install tweaked applications such as kernel auditors which allow you to overcock and downclock the processor. To make this happen, all Yiptechid will share how to root an Oppo cellphone without using a PC.

As in how to root a Samsung cellphone, rooting an Oppo cellphone can also be done. In discussing how to root an Oppo cellphone this time we will use Oppo Tools and Root Master. Here’s how to root using Oppo and Root Master tools

1. How to Root via Oppo Tools
Oppo Tools is an application that functions to root an Oppo cellphone without using a PC. This application is classified as simple and easy to use as well as framaroot.

  • Download the Oppo Tools application.
  • Then install OppoTools_V1.5.apk.
  • After that open the Oppo Tools application.
  • Click the “Common” tab at the top.
  • Tap the “Root” button.
  • Later asked to install OppoToolsPlugin.
  • After OppoToolsPlugin is installed click done.
  • Then click One Key Root.
  • Later HP will restart.
  • The root process has been completed.

Once on the homepage, you will see that a new application has been installed, namely SuperSU and it indicates that your Oppo cellphone has been successfully rooted. Then the second way is to use the Root Master application

2. How to Root Oppo With the RootMaster Application
Another alternative that you can use is the RootMaster application. This application is suitable for use on Oppo phones based on Android Jellybean and below.

  • Download Root Master apk. After that, install the Root Master application that was downloaded earlier, then after it is installed, open the Root Master application. Then select “Start Root”
  • Wait a moment Root Master will check if our smartphone can be Root
  • The next step will appear options and select “ROOT”
  • The last step will appear a notification in Chinese language here you select “CANCEL”
  • If you are not sure, you can try to check using the Root Checker application which you can install via the Google Play Store.

Those are 2 ways to root an Oppo cellphone using Oppo Tools and Root Master. Once again that rooting a normal cellphone can cause it to fail to boot if you are not careful when doing it. therefore, follow the steps carefully.

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