Guide to Making a Good Party in Genshin Impact

The popular game on Android in the RPG genre released by a developer from China, MiHoYo, has currently been downloaded around 10 million downloads (at the time this article was written) via the Play Store, namely Genshin Impact, has been awarded the ‘best game 2020’ as a result of voting by google play users. Those of you who like to play Android games, you know this game, right ?.

Well, for those of you who are looking for how to make a good and correct party so that when you explore the map, you can successfully complete missions easily. Check out some tips for arranging a party in the game Genshin Impact.

  • Combine Elements

The first thing you have to pay attention to when arranging a party is, you have to understand how to combine elements. Each element in Genshin Impact when combined with each other will produce different effects, for example a superconduct that can be used to attack and reduce your opponent’s Physical RES. You can read the effects and combinations of these elements in the link below.

  • Use of Energy Generation

The use of Energy Generation becomes very important when you start to form a party. When you channel damage, defeat, and use Elemental Skill (E) abilities on your opponent, an orbs will appear and replenish the character’s energy used by the player.

Some orbs have an element attached to them, and will generate even higher energy for a character with the same element as the element the orbs carry. A few tips, you should bring two characters in the same element, one of which will be your main damage dealer. With this combination of characters, as well as the bonuses that are unlocked through the Elemental Resonance system, will increase the strength of your team.

  • Division of Roles

You must pay attention to the division of roles. The main features in Genshin Impact include DPS, Support, and Healer. First, the character who becomes DPS will become the main damage dealer in your party. Within this group, the characters are divided into tiers S, A, B, and C. Diluc, Keqing, Xiao, and Klee are in the S tier.
Razor and Xiangling are in tier A. Bennett and Chongyun are in tier B. Finally, there are Beidou, Ningguang, and Noelle in tier C.

Second, Support, is a character that is responsible for buffs, debuffs, Elemental Reaction, and utility, these abilities generally come from their Elemental Skills (E) and Burst (Q). In this type of group, there are tiers S to D. Venti and Fischl are in tier S, Mona and Xiangling are in tier A, Bennet and Xingqiu are in Tier B, Beidou, Kaeya, Lisa, Sucrose, and Traveler (Anemo / Geo) are in tier. C, and Amber in tier D.

The last one is Healer, a character that is no less important than other characters. With Healer, characters can stay healthy even when they don’t eat. Examples of Healer characters are Qiqi (tier S), Jean (tier A), Barbara (tier B), and Noelle (tier C).

The most important thing in forming a party or group is to arrange a party according to your needs. If you like a certain character, make sure there is a character who can support their favorite character in the adventure. You don’t need to have two characters in the same element if you don’t want to, later even though your energy regeneration is low, you will still be able to get other benefits.

That’s the Guide to Making a Good Party in Genshin Impact, I hope this article is useful.

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