Guide on how to root Xiaomi cellphones without a PC

When you buy a new Android cellphone, not all features or systems can be accessed by the user, because Google limits security on that cellphone. However, some users are curious and may have talent in the field of Android software so that many people root their cellphones. Because by rooting on an Android cellphone it will open access to the system even more deeply so that we can customize various features that are not found on a normal cellphone.

Even though it still has a dangerous risk, rooting on an Android cellphone does have a lot of functions and advantages, such as deleting default applications, Backup and Restore applications, boosting CPU performance, avoiding wakelock, editing Build.prop, and many other advantages.

There are several ways to root a Xiaomi cellphone that can be easily done by anyone, including even beginners. Just like the way to root on a Vivo cellphone, one way that can be done is to use Super User. Super User is an application that has a feature to root android phones. In this way, you no longer need the help of a PC to open all accesses on the Android device you have. Then how to root Xiaomi cellphones without this PC?

1. Using the Super User Application

  • open the Settings menu or Settings on your android device.
  • Then select the Additional Settings menu.
  • Then find and check the Unknown Source option.
  • Back to Additional Settings.
  • Select the Privacy option.
  • Activate Unknown Source by checking or checking it.
  • If so, now immediately search for and download the Super User application.
  • After successful, immediately install the Super User application on your Android device.
  • If the application installation process has been successfully carried out, open the application then select the root option.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • If the main page already has Super User, that’s a sign that your Xiaomi cellphone is in root mode.

That’s how to root using the Super User application, then you can also use the Magisk application. The following is how to use it.

2. Using the Magisk Application

  • download the Magisk Manager application.
  • After the download process is complete, move the zip file to your Xiaomi device. If so, turn off your Xiaomi cellphone.
  • Enter TWRP by holding down the volume UP button and the Power button simultaneously. If so, select the recovery option.
  • If blue and green options appear, select the one on the left.
  • In TWRP, press the Install option, then find the zip file. Swipe right on Swipe to confirm flash.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • When the process is complete, press the root system option.
  • Run the Magisk Manager application. If a green check mark appears, it means that the root process was successfully carried out.

Those are 2 ways to root a Xiaomi android cellphone that Yiptechid shares for you. Then in addition to the root method above, you need to know the risk of your cellphone being rooted.

As mentioned many times before, rooting a Xiaomi cellphone does have a lot of benefits for its users. However, there is a risk that is dangerous for the cellphone if you do it wrong. So that you are more careful when doing it, identify some of the risks that may occur when you try to root a Xiaomi cellphone:

  • Bootloop or can’t enter the main homepage of the HP.
  • There was a hard bootlop, a bootlop condition that was much worse than a normal bootlop.
  • The warranty will be forfeited.

Those are some of the risks that might occur if you root your Xiaomi cellphone. The amount of loss that can arise if you do the wrong root makes many people reluctant to root their cellphones. They prefer to accept the condition of the smartphone as it is. But for those who are not afraid of all these risks, of course they will really want to try to root their Xiaomo’s cellphone.

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