Game Perfect 2048 Money Making? This is the review

One of the games from Playstore that is trending and is said to be able to make money is Game Perfect 2048. Many of them claim that by just playing this game, you will get a balance.

Precisely, this game can generate balance on the DANA e-wallet. The way it works is quite simple, players are required to complete the task of matching blocks that have the same color and number.

Game Perfect 2048

Game Perfect 2048 is a mobile game developed by a developer from China, namely Supergame.Inc where Game Perfect 2048 is their first game uploaded on google playstore and is still in the early access stage.

Although it is still in the early access stage, in fact this game has been downloaded by 100 thousand users on the Android platform which is an extraordinary achievement in terms of their marketing results.

For Game Perfect 2048 itself, many users have played it and reviewed it in the comments column believing that the game can really make money from completing the challenges.

Game Perfect 2048

How to Play Game Perfect 2048

For those of you who want to play this game, you can download it at the following link. (Download Game Perfect 2048).

How to play the game itself is quite easy, that is, you can click Start first, then you will be directed and immediately enter the game.

Later on in the game, your task is to match blocks of the same color, if a block is about to fall you must be able to place the block where the block is of the same color.

After that you can get diamond points and you can exchange these diamond points for various prizes, including vouchers and balance of DANA.

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Rewards from Game Perfect 2048

The prize you get from completing tasks in the game is in the form of points. The points that you have collected can later be exchanged for several prizes that are already available, including

  • Amazon 100 USD (Voucher)
  • Google Play Store 100 USD (Voucher)
  • Play Station 100 USD (Voucher)
  • XBOX 100 USD (Voucher)
  • itunes 100 USD (Voucher)
  • Steam USD (Voucher)

In addition to the gift vouchers listed above, you can also get prizes in the form of a balance of DANA. However, you must reach a certain nominal or the minimum nominal that they have set.

Then what is the minimum amount that you can withdraw? yes the nominal is Rp. 8,634,000 or the equivalent of $600 US dollars and you will be able to withdraw the funds to your DANA account.

For the nominal variant other than the minimum nominal, it is Rp. 11,512,000 or $799 and the last one is Rp. 14,390,000 or $999 US dollars.

Game perfect 2048 Does it Pay?

It turns out that after we explore, this game is similar to the money-making coin king game. The way it works is that you have to play the game and then get points or a balance of DANA. And they claim that you can withdraw the balance through a DANA account.

After we checked, it turns out that this game can’t make money or is just a scam, you can confirm that by looking at the many users who gave negative reviews on the Google Play store who complained that this game didn’t really pay its users.

Besides that, there are other factors that could cause this game not to pay, namely the absence of login or registration for each user. if the application is legal and really produces, there must be a login or registration process before playing the game.

Furthermore, the number of advertisements when playing this game indicates that this game is only looking for profit from its users. The number of advertisements causes users to become uncomfortable when playing games.

Developers of this game definitely get money from the ads that have been installed in the game. When we tried to play this game, there was an advertisement for the Money-Making Coin King game that kept appearing, it could be that this game has an affiliation with the Coin King game which is proven to be a scam or does not pay its users.

So that’s some of our explanations about Game Perfect 2048, our suggestion is that you can check whether the games that claim to be making money are actually making or not. You can check it through reviews on google play store, reviews from youtube and others.

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