Easy Ways to Restore Lost Mobile Legend Accounts

Mobile Legend is currently one of the most played games in Indonesia. The fans are not limited by age, ranging from children, adolescents and even adults who still play this game, some play with friends or play solo. Then have you ever lost a mobile legend account?

Losing an account that you experience can be very troublesome, especially if your rank is Mythic with the many skins you have, but you can’t play it anymore because of some of these things. Don’t be sad and worried just yet, because there are various ways you can do to restore the Mobile Legends account. Check out the method below

How to Restore a Lost Mobile Legend Account

1. Login Using Temporary Account

The first way you can do this is to use a temporary account. The temporary account itself is a feature presented by Moonton since 2019. Where, when creating a Mobile Legends account for the first time, the game will suggest creating a temporary account.

This is done by giving you a QR Code to use when logging in anywhere and anytime. If you have already created this account, then you can use a temporary account as a solution. The steps that can be taken are as follows:

  • Select temporary account, then login to your TP account.
  • Then, select the QR code from the Mobile Legends account on your device.
  • Then, upload an image and enter the password for the account.
  • After that, you can access the lost Mobile Legends account again.

2. Login with Related Platforms

At this stage you can log in with the platform that you previously linked or binded with your previous Mobile Legends account, such as Facebook, VK, Google Play Games or even the Moonton Account itself.

You do this by entering your account on the linked platform to log into Mobile Legends. So that way your lost Mobile Legends account will come back again, if it matches the linked platform.

3. Contact the Help Center / Customer Service

This method is the last one for you if you don’t have a Temporary Account and don’t link any platforms to your Mobile Legend account. Therefore, you can go directly to the main page and tap the customer service icon in it.

  • First of all, you have to open the customer service page, then tap ‘Account Issues’ then select ‘Account Refund’.
  • Next, choose your reason, such as ‘I forgot to link my game account to the social platform before changing the ID’ and complete the form according to your Mobile Legend account data.

Through its official Facebook, Mobile Legend has also posted the steps yiptechid shared earlier, you can also follow the official fan page.

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