Digital Business That You Can Use in the Pandemic Era

In the current pandemic era, many economies around the world are in ruins, including in Indonesia. As a result of the devastation of the economy, many residents lost their jobs. As someone who thinks creatively, using technology to make money is something that must be done. So you must be able to take advantage of technology for the business needs that you are working on later.

Setting up a business in today’s digital era has its own challenges. But, if you can start a business right, the following processes will certainly become easier. So, how do you do it? Everything will start with an idea. If you are able to find a digital business idea that has a good opportunity and establish it in a good way, then it is not impossible that you can achieve perfect results.

So what can you use technology to do business? Don’t worry for those of you who don’t know and are still confused, yiptechid will share it for you.

Digital Businesses You Can Use in the Pandemic Era

1. Affiliate Digital Business

Affiliate Marketing is basically a business where you only need to market other people’s products, it can be individual-owned products or company-owned products. Affiliate Marketing uses a commission system for its sellers. So usually these business activists will make an agreement on the selling price of goods and also the commission that the seller will get when the item is sold.

The trick is that you can register yourself in an affiliate program like this the niagahoster affiliate program. Then you will get a specific referral code or link. Then you can do product marketing activities by using a website or social media. If there are buyers who use the code that you provide or follow the link that you share, then you will get a commission.

2. Become a Youtuber

Youtube is one of the social media where we can see millions of videos from all over the world. Currently, Youtube is no longer just an entertainment platform for viewing video content. Youtube has turned into a land for people to express their creativity and has even become a platform to get rupiah coffers.

You already know what to use from Youtube, right? yes you only have to create a channel on Youtube then fill it with your creative videos “ Remember quality videos are your own work, not someone else’s reupload “. You will then need to “monetize” your channel. If you are lucky that your videos will get a lot of viewers, the more your videos are watched the more rupiah will flow into your channel.

3. Create an Online Shop

From the words Shop and Online, surely you already know what this type of business means, right? Yes, you can create a shop that can be marketed online. If the shop is offline or conventional, the target market or buyers are only in areas that can be reached or in other words, the closest people. It’s different with online stores, you can reach your target market from anywhere, from reaching all regions in your own country to reaching parts of the world.

First, you must have a product to sell, of course, but if you don’t have a product, you can use the Dropship system. Then you can take advantage of technologies such as:

  • Creating an online store website
  • Utilizing market places such as Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada
  • Creating online stores on social media such as Facebook and Instagram

4. Become a Blogger

Blog is a website in the form of posts in the form of text which sometimes have additional images, links and videos made by one or more authors with a specific purpose. So, in simple terms a blog is a website that contains written content. While the author or creator of the content is a blogger.

So for those of you who like to write, you can take advantage of the technology of a monetized blog, of course. The way it works is if your content or article is interesting and many people visit your blog then simultaneously the ads that appear on your website are as many as the number who visit your blog. The more your ad is seen by many visitors the more you will earn.

5. Open an Online Course

The desire to develop skills or knowledge causes some people to be interested in taking informal courses, ranging from courses that suit hobbies such as cooking, drawing or photography to language courses. If you are someone who has expertise in a certain field you can create a class course.

You can make this opportunity as a digital business idea of your choice, because it turns out that the limited time they have sometimes makes them not have time to come directly to the course, especially during a pandemic like this which encourages everyone not to gather.

Therefore, opening an online course will be of great help to your financial condition. You can take advantage of technology such as the Zoom application and Google Meet for the learning process. For media promotion, you can take advantage of social media such as make an advertisement on Instagram and many more social media that you can use.

So, those are some of the digital businesses in the current pandemic era that you should take advantage of. Choose the type of digital business that suits you.

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