Causes of Your Blog Lack of Visitors and How to Overcome Them

Building a blog that has a lot of visitors every day is the dream of all bloggers, this blog is no exception. It’s not easy to get lots of visitors instantly, especially if your blog is not old enough or you just created it, of course this is very difficult to realize.

For those of you who have a blog that is currently still empty of visitors, you need to know some of the causes which we will explain in this article and of course once you know the cause you can overcome this.

Causes of Your Blog Lack of Visitors and How to Overcome It

1. Blog Age is Still New

If indeed your blog is new, don’t worry about lack of visitors, this is natural because search engines like Google still don’t know your blog. For that the way to overcome this is to do an introduction to your blog to Google by registering your blog on Google Search Console. That way your blog will be indexed by Google. In addition, over time you also have to increase the number of articles. So not only the age of your blog is increasing, but also the articles on your blog.

2. Content is not quality

Creating content that is what it is without seeing a quality is very influential on visitors to your blog. If you do this then you should stop now, this is because you have been wasting your time. For that, the way to overcome this is to create quality content and as attractive as possible. You can use google tools for a search trend by using keywords in Google Trends as a reference for your content creation.

3. Loading Blog Too Heavy

The next factor that makes your blog empty of visitors is too long loading that occurs on your blog. This occurs in many factors such as, heavy theme usage, your hosting service is not good, content such as your images and videos is too heavy and many more. The way to overcome this is to look for the factors that make it heavy then overcome the problem. Like Choosing a suitable and lightweight theme, choose the best hosting provider. If your content contains a lot of images, then make the image file size as minimal as possible but with the conditions without reducing image quality. You can make an image at a light size without reducing the image quality by using TinyPNG

4. Lack of Promotion

The next cause is lack of promotion, which is highly recommended. If you have more budget, you can promote your blog by using advertising services on Google advertising or maybe posting advertising services on well-known websites that provide advertising services, of course. But if you don’t have more budget you can promote it via social media, online forums, blog walking by sharing content that you can do for free

5. Not Enough Backlinks

Backlinks are links that are placed on other sites that lead to the pages of your site. Backlinks are one of the factors that determine the ranking of blog pages so that they appear better in search engine search results, with sufficient backlinks, the chances of your blog pages appearing in the best position you can achieve. It could be that the title of the article that you created is the title of the article that is in great demand. But it does not rule out that many other bloggers use the same title first, so your article must be able to compete with other relevant articles that were published first. If your posting articles can’t compete, your article position will drop and it’s hard to find. Therefore, one way to win the competition is the presence of a backlink for your article. Please build a backlink to the url of your article which you want to make a better position in the search results.

6. Got penalties from Google

Many mistakes in blogging activities will cause the blog that we care about Google penalties. One of the most common is deindex, blogs can be difficult for search engines to find. There are several causes of penalties by google, some of which are:

  • Often build backlinks with spam comments, you should be careful when hunting for backlinks in this way, to make it safer don’t be too often just once a week and limit the number. Use a different anchor text every time you place a backlink in this way, otherwise your action will be easy to detect as a webspam action.
  • Get Google panda penalty, because your article is not qualified and not qualified, usually this penalty attacks articles that we make the results of the copypaste.

If your blog is subject to a penalty, it is likely that your blog traffic will be shaky and unstable, and chances are that your blog traffic will be even more conical.

So, those are some of the causes of blogs lack of visitors that you should pay attention to and as much as possible if the causes we are reviewing are on your blog, you should immediately fix them.

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