Best Forex Trading Applications for Your Business

Thanks to today’s technology where the world is interconnected, one of the businesses that is highly dependent on technology is the foreign exchange market business which plays an important role for daily business. This is the global, decentralized environment in which financial institutions are the currency trading business.

According to research from the Bank for International Settlements, foreign exchange trading generates an estimated $ 5.3 trillion each day, making it bigger than any other financial market. Often it is dominated by large international banks and companies, which work around the clock to trade and convert international currencies.

Forex trading also supports international trading and investing. For example, if a company located in America wants to import goods from one of the countries in Europe, chances are they have to complete a transaction in euros. Which transactions are carried out via forex so that you can exchange US dollars for euros quickly and easily.

This is where the opportunity occurs where many companies and investors make profitable Forex trading. But it takes experience and skills to do this Forex Trading, with the help of the Forex Trading application that is currently available, you can try your luck investing in Forex Trading and generate extraordinary income. Here are the best forex trading apps that you should try

Best Forex Trading Application

1. MetaTrader

The MetaTrader trading application is quite widely used by traders. We can access this application via a computer or smartphone. MetaTrader can also be used for trading on various instruments. Starting from trading forex, stocks, futures, and so on. This app supplies a general analysis of the financial markets using a variety of real-time charts that include historical information, to monitor prices and quotes. You can also easily switch between different financial instruments and SL and TP values on the chart, along with visualization of trading information. Graphics are also interactive, with pinch and zoom options.

2. Hanson Forex Investing

The second recommendation is Hanson Forex Investing. This application was developed in 2018 and has quite complete features. Because the Horex broker is able to combine trading platforms as well as news information in the application. Not only that, there are several other facilities that we can use, such as open positions, to Stop Loss and Take Profit.

3. MIFX Mobile

This application was developed by the Monex Broker, which is widely known by traders because it has been established since 2000. There are several advantages to this application, namely that you can immediately make transactions without having to download an additional MT4 platform. In addition, there are several other features that make it easier, such as the One Click Withdrawal menu for easy profit withdrawal, as well as a Price Alert that we can set to monitor your favorite pairs.

4. Agrodana Futures

One of the local Forex Trade applications that is suitable for you is Agrodana Futures. This application was developed by the broker Agrodana Futures. The advantage that you can get is a service based on technical and fundamental analysis that is easy to access. There are several menus available, including economic calendars, economic data, live price quotes, and educational materials. You can also access various news from CNBC, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

5. Trade Optimizer

The last recommendation is the Trade Optimizer. This paid application is quite popular among traders. Apart from its simplicity, you will also get various premium features including 14 calculators that help to analyze risk, determine positions, and analyze post-trading.

That’s brief information about trading and forex applications that we recommend for you. Although it can bring you many advantages, trading can also bring you losses. Make sure you are careful when trading and master the theory before deciding to enter the world of trading.

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