Best Combination of Elements in Ghensin Impact

For those of you who play the Genshin Impact game by MiHoYo, completing missions, especially in terms of combat in an ordinary way, of course will be very troublesome. You must know that in Ghensin Impact there are various combinations of attack elements that certain characters have to combine into a new element that can overthrow your opponent more effectively. Well, this time Yiptechid will share element combinations that you can use in Genshin Impact.

1. Vaporize

This combination consisting of the combination of Element Hydro (water) and Pyro (fire) is a combo that is often encountered and mastered by most of Genshin Impact players. The percentage of increased damage that fluctuates from 150 percent to 200 percent is suitable for fighting all the monsters in this game.

2. Overload

This combination consists of combining the elements Pyro (fire) and Electro (electricity) in their use. The large area of damage effect makes Overload a Combo with deadly and effective damage in dealing with monsters in the game Genshin Impact.

3. Burning

This combination consists of combining Dendro elements (plants / nature) with Pyro api) in their use. The effect produced by Burning is that the enemy will be exposed to continuous damage by leaving a burning effect on his body. Burning is perfect for fighting monsters with the Hydro (water) and Cyro (ice) elements.

4. Swirl

This combination is the least frequently used although it is one of the most effective. This combination consists of Anemo elements plus Hydro / Cyro / Pyro / Electro. The Swirl combination will directly expand the Area of Damage of all the skills you use. Suitable for attacking a large number of monsters in one attack.

5. Frozen

The combination of elements that has the effect of a frozen effect is also one of the elements that must be used. The Crowd Control generated by Frozen keeps enemies or monsters immobile for a certain time. The Frozen element is a combination of Hydro (water) and Cyro (ice) and is suitable for dealing with opponents with agile mobility.

6. Melt

This combination is a combination of elements such as Vaporize which requires a trigger to trigger the damage effect. Melt itself consists of Cyro (ice) and Pyro (fire) elements. This Element Melt combination will increase the percentage of damage by 150 to 200 percent at one time.

7. Superconduct

For those of you who like combination attacks that provide fluctuating Penetration Damage, Superconduct is the answer. This combination has a large damage effect and is able to gradually reduce both the opponent’s Defense and Armor. The superconduct combo is a combination of Cyro (es) and Electro (electricity) elements.

8. Electro-Charged

This is the last element combination in the game Genshin Impact. The effect resulting from Electro-Charged is to give DPS (damage per second) in the form of a stun to the Area of Effect / Damage that we want. This combination consists of elements Hydro (water) and Electro (electricity). Do not use the element combination in wet and water because your character will also be affected by the electricity flowing around the area.

Those are the 8 most terrible element combos in Genshin Impact. However, keep in mind that the size of the enemy, location and elements are the key in using every combination that is in this game.

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