8 Best Free Fire Characters You Must Have

Free Fire is a survival shooter game that is very popular with game lovers in the country. For players who are used to playing battle royale or third person shooter games, this e-sports game is indeed very interesting to play, maybe even better. Given that Free Fire itself is a game that combines a combination of the two.

Character selection is one of the factors you win the match by being the last one alive in the match. If the character you use has good overall skills, you must have it. Here is a list of the best Free Fire characters that you must have.

8 Best Free Fire Characters You Must Have

1. DJ Alok

The first strongest and deadly male character in Free Fire is DJ Alok. The ability of DJ Alok is very strong and able to be a support in the team. His ability is able to provide Heal and Movement Speed effects at the same time. Of course in this way, you can become Support using these characters. The ability of DJ Alok is Area scale.

2. Kapella

Kapella is a passive character in Free Fire. This character is the best choice for players who take on the role of support and backing up teammates.
His ability increases the healing effect by 10% and loses his teammate’s HP reduced by 20%. Overall, this skill will make it easier to face enemies who use aggressive characters. Kapella can remain in the back line of chaotic battles and when an ally is nearly paralyzed, can use her active skills to provide healing.

3. Jota

Furthermore, this character who comes from Indonesia is as special as DJ Alok. The character of Jota ff was released, when Joe Taslim became the Official Brand Ambassador of Free Fire Indonesia. That way this character appears, and has the ability that is quite OP. Jota will give Heal of 25 Points, if he succeeds in killing the enemy with a Shotgun or SMG. Of course, this character is suitable for the Rusher in Free Fire.

4. Kelly

Kelly is a unique character who doesn’t fall into a specific category. It is entirely up to the player to use it as an aggressive or passive character.
This character stands out too much, but since being revamped, his abilities have been improved and thus he can be a versatile choice.

5. Antonio

Even though his appearance looks like a useless character, Antonio still sells well in the Heroic Rank. This is because his ability is very profitable. Antonio can increase Max HP when getting off the plane, of course this is an advantage. So when you go down, your max HP will increase to a lot more. Even at the beginning of the game, you can play the Rush way.

6. A124

A124 is a robotic character with an active skill, Thrill of Battle. This skill allows him to change EP to HP with a cooldown duration of 90 seconds. Thrill of Battle helps the player to take slightly more damage than the opponent while fighting because it can heal simultaneously and therefore, has a slight advantage in HP percentage. Many players choose characters that have high damage and because of that, choosing A124 can help them survive the aggressive meta and play the game more strategically.

7. Rafael

The next character is Rafael, he is a silent killer who is quite dangerous when in a match. Rafael has a pretty dangerous ability, where when he shoots the weapon it doesn’t make a sound. Of course this is what will confuse the enemy, because they receive damage but don’t know the direction of the shooter. Rafael has become the best character too, until now.

8. Paloma

Paloma is a character for players who like to shower their enemies with bullets and prefer to use assault rifles to do so. Paloma is a bit like Jai but with different abilities. While Jai has a faster reload option, Paloma excels at carrying ammunition. This skill was known as Arms Dealing. With this passive ability, players can carry extra ammunition for AR without using the slots in the backpack. Ammunition count increases as Paloma is leveled up.

Those are the 8 best Free Fire characters that you must have if you want to win the game, of course. Share this article with your friends to help your friends win the game more easily.

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