7 Tips for Solo Rank on Mobile Legend to Quickly Go to Mythic – Season 19

One of the obstacles for Mobile Legend players is playing solo rank. That is what makes it difficult for you to get stars and of course you will be stuck for a long time in that tier. You will also definitely be annoyed if you get teammates who can’t play and become a burden on the team. But don’t worry if you don’t have a party and still want to continue with solo rank, you can try some of the tips that Yiptechid will share in this article. Listen carefully to the following solo rank mobile legend tips.

7 Tips for Solo Rank on Mobile Legend to Quickly Go to Mythic – Season 19

1. Use a Hero who is on META

One of the most effective things to increase the chances of winning when playing solo rank is to use a hero who is on META or if possible, use an overpowered hero. Using META heroes will increase your chances of winning, especially if you can control and use these heroes well.

But you need to remember that using the META hero doesn’t always make you win, especially if you can’t use the hero. So use the META hero that you can use.

2. Counter Pick Hero Opponent

Often Solo Rank heroes who are very popular and become this meta must be banned or picked and you don’t have the opportunity to use them. Take it easy because you have prepared a plan to counter the picks of the opposing heroes. Use heroes who benefit greatly when fighting meta heroes to shut them down from the game.

3. Use the Hero You Really Know

Every player in Mobile Legends must have their own flagship hero who is very well controlled. So that you can play at maximum performance, then you can use the hero that you are good at because besides increasing performance, it will also increase your confidence when playing.

No matter how weak the hero is, as long as you master it, the hero will definitely be strong because you already know the gaps to use it. You can certainly cover up your weaknesses if you have mastered one of the heroes in Mobile Legends.

4. Avoid Playing at Forbidden Hours

Here are the factors that we think deserve to be highlighted, the meaning of the forbidden hours is the hours that are usually used by small children or others to play Mobile Legends and of course it is a disaster for solo rank fighters. Try playing around 11pm to 04am if you want to play solo rank, get great friends and also great opponents.

5. Learn all hero roles

As a solo player, learning all the roles is very important because every game you will definitely play a different role. Therefore, you have to learn all the roles so that if you get a certain role, you can still play that role properly.

6. Give in when Draft Pick

if you intend to increase rank then work with your teammates, give in during the draft pick process and entrust them all, especially if in your team there is an assassin player with high KD. this is a factor why you have to learn all the roles.

7. Prioritize Gaming Objectives

This is the last one where objectives such as jungle monsters and turrets are things that need to be prioritized if you want to win the match. Therefore, you should prioritize objectives to get large amounts of gold and exp. You can also use split pushing specialists to get turrets quickly when playing.

Those are our tips if you want to play solo rank so that the results are satisfying. Don’t forget to share this article and I hope this article is useful

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