[7 Popular Games] Best PC Online 2020

Playing games is really fun, some people are even addicted to playing games to forget the time, yiptechid hope that those of you who read this article are not game addicts, unless you are people who make their living from games and you are also Pro-player E- Sport because that’s the demand of a proplayer from the E-sport Team to play games up to 8 hours per day even more with the aim of honing individual skills and teamwork so that when the tournament arrives they can compete to be champions.

In this article, Yiptechid will discuss the 7 Best Popular Online PC Games 2020, here is the list:

1. Apex Legends

In Indonesia, the popularity of the Apex Legends game may still be inferior to other PC online games but the game released in 2019 is one of the best battle royale games that you can play today.

With an exciting map, low ping and also extraordinary character movement, Apex Legends is one of the best PC online games 2020. One more thing that makes you can’t miss this game is free and doesn’t fall into the pay to win game category.

2. Overwatch

With a very diverse character and also an interesting background story, Blizzard’s Overwatch game is a game that has popularized the team-based shooter game genre in recent years. Overwatch is included in the list of the best PC online games 2020 because it continues to present new innovations such as new characters and game modes.

In this game, each team will consist of six heroes with different roles. Either tank, DPS or healer role will have different roles to determine victory in a match.

3. Fortnite

Just like the Apex Legends game, the Fortnite game may not have too many players in Indonesia. Even so, the Fortnite game player community in various parts of the world is extraordinary. Because of its popularity, even gamers who have never played Fortnite are familiar with the name and appearance of this game.

As a Fortnite game developer, Epic Games always presents new weapons, traps, tools and skins for the game. The number of Fortnite game competitions with attractive prizes also makes this game not only included in the list of the best PC online games 2020 but also the list of the most competitive gamers this year.

4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

It seems impossible to make a list of the best PC online games 2020 without including the PUBG game name. Released in 2017, this game immediately became a phenomenon in the gaming world. Carrying the battle royale genre with a realistic appearance makes this game a dream for many people.

In the past, the price tag of this game which was considered high made some Indonesian gamers think twice before playing this game. But at this time the reason for the price can no longer prevent you from playing PUBG because this game is already present in the PUBG Lite version which can be played for free.

5. Dota 2

I think the Dota 2 game doesn’t need further introduction because almost all gamers in Indonesia must already know this game. Released in 2013, Dota 2 is the oldest game on the list of the best PC online games 2020. The main reason for Dota 2 being included in this list is that this game still has a lot of players and competitions, making this game still interesting to play even though it’s 7 years old. year.

6. Rocket League

At the beginning of its appearance, the idea of playing soccer using a racing car, which became the concept for the Rocket League game, did sound very strange. In fact, when Rocket League was released this game received a very good reception.

This game is able to combine the excitement of soccer and racing games well in one game title. It’s so exciting, even gamers who are not fans of racing or soccer games want to play this game. Although originally released for PC, Rocket League can also be played on various gaming consoles with cross-platform capabilities.

7. Hearthstone

The card game genre from Hearthstone is very different from the many games on this list of the best PC online games 2020, but there are many reasons why you should try this game.

The first is that you can play this game for free. Second, to some people the card game may seem intimidating because it is difficult to understand but Hearthstone is very easy to play. Third, Hearthstone has lots of competitions for all levels of players, even this year Hearthstone will hold a competition in Indonesia.

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