7 Effective Tips for Playing Free Fire to Easily Bounce

The Free Fire game is currently popular in Indonesia, it can even shift the popularity of PUBG, which is actually the most popular Battle Royale genre game in Indonesia at that time. Maybe you are one of the thousands of players who complain about the difficulty of being the last player to survive or what we often call Booyah.

Booyah is a benchmark for the ability of a FF player, whether he’s really a pro or a newbie. Because, to get a booyah is quite difficult. You must be able to defeat all the players who are your enemies. If you want Booyah, you can follow the powerful tips for playing Free Fire so it’s easy to bounce off of.

7 Effective Tips for Playing Free Fire to Easily Bounce

1. Know Your Character

If you recognize the strengths of the characters you use, you can benefit from the game. Especially if you the best characters. Each character has their respective abilities, not only that, the effect of each skill will increase if you upgrade your character. In addition to the strategic value in the team, focusing on developing a character is also one of the steps to improve your playing performance.

2. Adjust Screen Sensitivity

Adjust the HUD to your comfort. Activate the fire button on the left side, besides the fire button, position the jump and scope buttons properly because you will often use them in battle. After that adjust the sensitivity, This is very critical and has a big impact on the gameplay. The sensitivity settings between one player and another are different, adjust the sensitivity according to your playing comfort.

Gadget users who use ‘Precise On Scope’ usually prefer slightly lower sensitivity than ‘Default’ users. And remember that the sensitivity setting will decrease according to the scope quality, 8X / AWM scope is always set to the lowest sensitivity.

3. Adjust the Landing Place

often land where lots of people land, but at least at the beginning of the game Free Fire, avoid the preferred locations of players who count as ‘Pro’. Don’t try to dodge your opponent, at first you might not last long but this will help you get used to your game setup and exposure to multiple enemies will improve gameplay and increase your confidence.

The second option is always choose a place with a less crowd. Every player plays to win and they will kill you. That’s why it’s always recommended to land in a place that doesn’t have many opponents and this will also help you collect Free Fire’s best weapons and other supplies with ease.

4. Looting As Needed

The mistake most beginners make is too much looting. Yes, they were trying to collect as many items as possible before fighting. Is this effective? Not necessarily, because it often makes the player die quickly.

To make it easy to sway, it’s best if you bring some medical equipment, enough bullets and a weapon. Over time you play free fire, you will definitely understand a good weapon combo and the attachments needed. If you play squad, too much looting will harm your other friends.

5. Identifying the Map Playing

Free fire is a battle royale type game. To make it easier for you to win the match, you must be able to master the map well. Because, every map in FF has a different place to hide and fight. If you are still map blind, it must be very hard to get bouncy.

In Free Fire there are three main maps consisting of Kalahari, Portugary and Bermuda. Tips for playing free fire for beginners is to try one map and repeat it continuously until you understand. We recommend that you do not move around the map too often.

6. Must Stay Moving

Even though it is recommended to hide and scout the enemy, it doesn’t mean you just stay put. Note that some zones shrink in size over time.

If you are out of the zone, then it’s over. Therefore, always pay attention to folders and hide in the zone.

7. Don’t Lust Kill

tips for playing free fire so that the last thing is that you don’t want to chase lots of kills. Because, with the ability to shoot that is not okay it will only make you die easily when playing bars.

For beginner ff players, you should wait and let the enemies come. After that, find the right position to slaughter them. If you are not sure you can control a weapon properly, then don’t you dare open a war.

That is the discussion about effective tips for playing Free Fire so that it is easy to shake, share this article with your friends so they can feel booyah.

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