5 Types of CSS Framework – Advanced

Connecting to the previous article, which is about the types of css frameworks, in this article Yiptechid will discuss 5 more types of css frameworks. The following is a list of 5 types of CSS frameworks:

6. Blueprint

Blueprint is an open source framework developed by Palantir. Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for websites. Blueprint optimizes building data-intensive web interfaces for desktop applications running through a browser. Blueprint is not a mobile-first UI toolkit.

7. Skeleton

Skeleton is perfect for small-scale web projects, or doesn’t require all the major framework utilities. CSS Skeleton is perfect for users who prefer to access the web from a smartphone device. Skeleton has a few standard HTML elements but includes more than enough features to start a website. Skeleton has excellent responsiveness, making it very well accessible via mobile phones, especially Android smartphones.

8. Pure CSS

PureCSS features a suite of CSS modules that are ideal for your various types of projects. Even though the capacity is small, which is around 3.7 KB, the performance is still very responsive. As a result, you can easily create a fast and aesthetically pleasing website or app. For your information, this framework was created by Yahoo in 2014. You can enjoy many prominent features as well as built-in components that are easy to develop. So that if you are a beginner, Pure can be the right place for you to explore the CSS framework.

9. Materialize

Materialize makes web design even more attractive. With the many features provided, it will make it easier for developers to create responsive yet attractive websites. In addition, with these features, Materialize’s CSS framework is able to maintain good website performance. Materialize is very modern, and is designed very specifically so that it can be used to facilitate various work needs. Materialize carries a fast website development, very focused on user experience, and easy to work with.

10. Miligram

Milligram is a lightweight CSS framework that can help you design a fast and clean website or application. It weighs only 2KB (gzip). Despite their small size, Milligram comes with a complete set of development tools. You can also use all the features offered with the CSS3 specification. This can support the front-end design structure to be regular and uniform with each other.

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