5 Best & Free Text Editors for Programming

Text editor is a software that allows someone to open, view, and edit plain text or plain text files. This is the software that programmers use to create software / websites

For a programmer, comfort is one of the important things, because it requires a high enough concentration and apart from other minor annoyances. A programmer also has his own taste, in this case a programmer can have different choices of Text Editor.

Here we recommend 5 Free & Best Text Editors which are widely used by programmers around the world.

5 Best & Free Text Editors for Programming:

1. Notepad ++

The first is notepad ++, for me this text editor application is the first application to support coding activities, even though the naming is almost the same as notepad but the features offered by notepad ++ are far more numerous and complete. The programming languages that are supported are quite complete. Besides that, ease of use and lightness are the factors why Notepad ++ is popular among programmers. and the most important thing is free, we can download this application on the official site.

2. Atom

Atom is well-known among web programmers, this text editor has many reliable features that make it a Text Editor application that is often used by developers, such as web based technology desktop text editors, file system browsers, fuzzy finder for quickly opening files, fast projects. -wide search and replace, multiple cursors and selections, multiple panes, snippets, code folding, a clean preferences UI, TextMate grammars importing, modular design, nodejs integration, and many other advantages over Atom Text Editor. other than that atom can also be used on a variety of different platforms.

3. Sublime Text

Furthermore, Sublime text, its dynamic appearance and many features make it one of the most widely used text editors. Besides that, it can run on various different platforms. This text editor can also be used for free by downloading directly on the official website. but if you want to access the full features available, you need to buy a license.

4. Visual Code Studio

Visual Studio Code is a text editor application from Microsoft. Even though it is still new, this Text editor application is liked by many programmers besides that this application supports almost all basic programming languages such as vb.net, C #, C, C ++, Java, XML, HTML, .ASP, PHP and others. although it was developed by Microsoft, the Visual Code editor can run on various platforms, not only on Windows. you can download it for free on the official website

5. Komodo Edit

This one-stop text editor can be an alternative to sublime text. Komodo Edit has a lot of features and is also quite light to use. You can also choose a theme for the appearance of this editor. This text editor application also supports various high-level programming languages such as python, perl, ruby, tcl, sql, html, sql, css, smarty, xhtml, php and many other programming languages. komo edit can run on multiple platforms.

Those are the 5 Best & Free Text Editors for Programming and are also often used by most programmers in the world. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for free and best text editor references

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