10 List of OP and Meta Heroes in Mobile Legend Season 19

Season 19 has arrived at Mobile Legends, of course, with various meta game and hero changes. Usually what changes often is the meta hero because there are several heroes who get buff and nerf in the new season. Moreover, there are newcomers who are certainly overpowered and have great potential to occupy this meta season.

If you want to win a match in Mobile Legend, be it classic or even ranked, you must pick the overpowered heroes below. And if you are a solo player you can read the guide to playing solo ranked here.

10 List of OP and Meta Heroes in Mobile Legend Season 19

1. Brody (The Lone Star)

Brody is the strongest marksman right now, the only spam skill is quite troublesome and also when the Stack is full, Brody produces ultra high Physical Damage. If you have the right positioning and timing, it is not impossible that Brody can even out the opponent’s heroes during the late-game.

2. Benedetta (The Shadow Ranger)

In the right hands, Benedetta can deal extra stinging Damage if the placement of the Ultimate area is accurate. This new hero, which can be obtained for free some time ago, immediately gained quite high popularity among Assassin users. His one Phantom Slash skill generates Burst Damage which can be troublesome to opponents. If you can maximize passive skills, the combination of Dash and Damage will make the enemy’s core hero die immediately

3. Mathilda

a new hero figure with a support and assassin role. Mathilda herself now often becomes a banned subscriber because she is indeed a bad OP. This hero is flexible because it can support and jungler considering that he is also an assassin. Mathilda is also tough because she has a skill that gives her a pretty thick shield. About damage, it definitely hurts because Mathilda is a new hero and of course overpowered. That is why he often becomes a banned subscriber and includes the current meta heroes.

4. Silvanna

This beautiful fighter is said to be the older brother of Dyrroth, a noble from the Knight’s Order kingdom as a royal princess from King Aurelius II. Ten years have passed since the loss of Prince Dyrroth, when the king and queen grew older and more and more helpless. Finally Princess Silvanna joined the Imperial Knight, previously led by Tigreal, consisting of Fanny, Harith, Granger, Alucard who would protect the kingdom from the Knight’s Order.

5. Khufra (Desert Tyrant)

Khufra is good for picking up opponents, usually will play stealthily in the bush to target opponents. In war or teamfight, Khufra can become a war initiator with the skill to throw himself then the ultimate skill, to destroy enough with the boucning ball skill.

6. Lapu-Lapu

The hero of the chief who entered meta in season 19. Lapu-Lapu also recently received a revamp so its ability has increased dramatically. In the past, this hero was forgotten because he was quite weak, but now many are glancing at him. Why is this hero included in meta? Yes, because he has received a revamp and recently also got a buff.

7. Natalia

The Hunt skill and also his passive skill, Assassin Intinct, make this hero able to disappear in the bushes and hunt enemies with a high enough Physical Attack. The combination of his Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb makes Marksman automatically surrender when he is being targeted by Natalia without a fighter or tanker escort.

8. Claude (Partner in Crime)

Known as an accomplished thief with his partner, of course Claude has the agility and can work together with his partner while attacking enemies on the battlefield. Getting a buff that is quite significant Claude is very easy to enter meta, especially since this hero is the deadliest snowball hero in MLBB.

9. Lunox (Twilight Goddess)

Even though he is still very strong in nerf. Lunox’s high damage also makes it quite unique thanks to its ult. Can have high impact thanks to its very flexible damage and utility. In the right hands he is very dangerous.

10. Luo Yi (Yin-yang Geomancer)

And lastly there is Luo Yi, this hero mage with pain damage is also included in the current meta season list. Luo Yi has a deadly skill set with a damage area and CC which will certainly be troublesome for the opponent when he meets him. Not long ago he received a buff that made Luo Yi even stronger.

That’s the list of op and meta heroes according to Yiptechid, please try them on a ranking and hopefully this article is useful.

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